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The Professional Traveller – Helping You Travel More & Spend Less

Hello to You

🌎 Are you someone that loves to travel?

✈️ Love a travel bargain and discovering new places?

🛏️ Hotel rather than hostel?

🐕 Dog Lover? (Not necessarily affecting travel but just means you are extra lovely!)

Well great news – you are in just the right place!

Read on for travel bargains, travel inspiration, hacks, guides to help you

The Professional Traveller – Expert Travel Advice to Help You

Fab flight hacks to find great flights and interesting routes

Cheap hotel hacks to find the best deals

Get great year long insurance cover and ensure it pays out if you need it

Find travel inspiration to help you plan your next adventure

Learn hacks to help you travel smarter

Travel lighter and cheaper with tried and tested travel essentials

Professional Traveller Money Saving Examples

£500 for 9 night trip to Baku and Istanbul (included 6 flights and all accommodation)

£250 for 4 night trip to Valencia including 4 flights and self catering apartment with jacuzzi

£250 for 4 night stay in Vilamoura in a suite with half board

£250 for 4 night stay in Alicante in 4 star sea side hotel including 4 flights

£250 for 3 night London including 2 flights and 4 star accommodation

£250 for 4 night trip to Krakow including 4 flights and city centre accommodation

£70 for year long travel insurance with health condition and Covid cover

£180 for 3 night trip including flights to Riga staying in 2 bedroom apartment

£300 for 4 night half board trip including flights staying in junior suite

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Why Am I The Professional Traveller?

Travelled professionally for over 36 years – business travel and travelling for work
Spent at least 3 months per year away travelling for over 30 years
Experienced in group travel for holiday companies
Stayed in hundreds of hotels and taken many, many flights
Solo female traveller for my own holidays – staying in hotels
Hunt down bargains like a dachshund!

Professional Traveller Help to Travel More and Spend Less

6 Amazing Flight Hacks – tips to find cheap flights and put together low cost trips

4 Cheap Hotel Hacks – how to find cheap hotel deals plus the best search tool for low prices

7 Golden Rules for Year Long Travel Insurance – to ensure you are covered when you need it

Easyjet Baggage – their luggage fees and how to avoid paying them

The Professional Traveller Team

Working hard to sniff out travel bargains

melanie the professional traveller
lotty the professional traveller
christy the professional traveller


Professional Traveller

Very much like a dachshund myself. Determined to hunt out a bargain and sniff out great deals. Not great at being told what to do either!


Expert Sleeper

As the oldest member of the team (in doggy years) Lotty gets to sleep a lot. She can’t see very much now, or hear very well but she still makes her views known.


Treat Demon

Able to sniff out a gravy bone or a treat in the local area, Christy loves her food. Every meal time she barks with excitement – similar to her owner?!

“This has been our first xxxx holiday and we had a great time. Many thanks to you for being such a wonderful and kind guide, sorting everything and to make it go smoothly”

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Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets

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engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime

The Professional Traveller Latest Blog Articles

It’s better to travel well than to arrive



a person who is travelling or who often travels

What It’s Like to Be a Professional Traveller?

Travelling for work related reasons is very different to travelling for leisure. In my early years of travel I worked at a lot of exhibitions and events. This meant that whilst I travelled to the destination once there I generally travelled between the exhibition area and the hotel – many people who travel for business will tell you the same thing.

A growing trend in trend is for people travelling for work or business to extend their trip and do some personal travel. I have been lucky enough to do this a few times, staying over in Bangkok for several nights on my trips back from Australia for example. It looks like a travel trend that is going to continue!

Travelling as a Tour Manager taking coach holidays is also very different. The role involves focussing on the guests and making sure they have a great time, rather than your personal sightseeing. Any free time is often taken up dealing with administration issues, sorting out problems or simply confirming all the details for the next leg of the journey. Sometimes I never left the hotel we were staying in as there always seemed to be more work to do and things to check!

That said when travelling with a great group this role doesn’t feel like work at all, more like travelling with a wonderful group of people who like to have fun.

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