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We invite you to join a global travel and entertainment community of dreamers, adventurers and escapists, beautiful in our diversity and united by threads of curiosity and hope. As we traverse the world together, we are transformed by its cultures, colors and landscapes to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are exposed to truths that were unknown to us before we took the plunge into a lifestyle defined by togetherness, exploration and rich experiences.

Defined by trust and transparency, we’ll find a way to discover what is unique and meaningful in the world around you. That’s why, at every turn, we strive to bring our members more value and support by listening to feedback and continuously improving on already incredible products.

In short: This is no ordinary vacation — it’s a DreamTrip!


As an entrepreneur, my favorite thing is to see a dream come to fruition, especially when it’s a dream that I’m really passionate about.

Always remain fluid, don’t be rigid, rather allow things to flow. Don’t set too many rules, instead set defined vision and allow space for everyone to contribute and partake in the dream !

In short:  Change your mindset, no more ordinary vacations, but live your dreams!

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