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Azores Island Hopping – In Depth Guide to a Great Tour

azores island hopping the professional traveller

Looking for An Azores Island Hopping Holiday?

Do you want inside tips and information about the itinerary from someone who has been?


You are in the exactly the right place.

I have taken 5 or 6 British groups on holidays to the Azores Island Hopping and it is somewhere I really enjoy visiting.

If you haven’t already read it I would recommend my Azores Holidays Guide . This gives you a detailed overview of the main hotels, the main places visited, excursions and much more – it’s everything you need to know about the Azores, what to see and what to do!

(If you are new to coach holidays then you might find my 10 Things You Need to Know About Coach Holidays helpful.)

Big Important Note

This article is based on the SAGA Azores Island Hopping Holiday. Having been available for 2022 this tour is currently unavailable from SAGA, which is a shame as it was a very long running tour for them.

If you are interested in island hopping you might like the SAGA Porto and Madeira Island Hopping instead?

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1. Azores Island Hopping – What Are the Azores Islands?

The Azores are a fantastic place visit. This group of nine islands, are a great place for a holiday full of natural beauty. The Azores are still a little undiscovered and island hopping is a great way to view more of the islands. The Azores is an autonamous region of Portugal, so Portuguese is the language although there are some strong and differing dialects to deal with.

Sao Miguel is the largest of the islands. Pico is the second largest of the Azores islands, with Terceira being the third largest. Flores and Corvo are the smallest.

The Azores is one of the best places to do some whale watching and that’s an option in all the holiday below. So let’s jump right in with a detailed review of the first holiday.

Holidays to the Azores may offer a glimpse into island life, of those living in this remote archipelego in the Atlantic ocean. They will definitely be a chance to enjoy some of the more simple pleasures in life as you adjust to island time.


2. Before We Start Azores Island Hopping

Just a couple of points to note before we jump into the itinerary.

Firstly, itineraries do change so the information in this post is designed to be a guide to help you understand more about this tour, based on my experience of visiting the Azores.

The information is here to help guide you towards what areas you might like to know more about, what questions you might like to ask etc.

You need to check the itinerary and make sure you are happy with everything before you book.

Secondly, all the photos on this page are mine – I hope you enjoy them.

saga header holidays in the azores the professional traveller

3. SAGA Holidays Azores Island Hopping

I’m going to take you through the itinerary for this holiday in detail and add in some tips and hints I have learned along the way to help you have an even better holiday experience.

Let’s start with the main features of this holiday though.

4. Saga Azores Island Hopping – Holiday Headlines
  • 14 nights (2022 departures)
  • 30 meals: 14 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 14 dinners (2022 departures)
  • Included travel insurance (you can cancel this and get a discount)
  • Return flights and transfers
  • Saga tour manager
  • Welcome drink reception
  • Porterage at all hotels
  • Audio guides on walking tours
  • Included tours to Sete Cidades, Ponta Delgada, Capelhinos Museum & crater, Tour of Terceira island, Angro Do Heroismo walking tour
5. Saga Azores Island Hopping – Availability for 2022

Tours were due to run from April until September 2022.

6. Saga Azores Island Hopping – Cost

Prices start from £2299 per person up to £2599 depending on date

Prices for solo travellers are from £2798 to £3368 per person depending on departure date

marina atlantico view azores island hopping the professional traveller
View From a Front Facing Room at Marina Atlantico Hotel, Ponta Delgada

Azores Island Hopping

Day 1 – Travelling from the UK- to Sao Miguel

Flights for this Azores Island Hopping holiday depart from London Heathrow at 08.00 which may mean an extra overnight stay at the airport depending on your location.

The flights are scheduled flights with TAP Portugal.

The flights are currently due to be on an Airbus A320 which has 114 economy class seats with a 30″ seat pitch and a 28″ seat width. The included flights are economy class flights.

There are Executive seats available on board and it may be possible to book an upgrade to these through SAGA. The Executive seats have a 32″ seat pitch and a 22″ seat width. There are 42 of these on board.

The plane is configured in a 3 + 3 seat configuration with A being a window seat, B a middle seat, C and aisle seat. Then across the aisle there is D, an aisle seat, E a middle seat and F a window seat.

The flights are not direct and fly via Lisbon with flight times as follows;

  • 08.00 Depart London Heathrow
  • 10.40 Arrive Lisbon Airport
  • 11.40 Depart Lisbon Airport
  • 13.05 Arrive Ponta Delgada Airport

There is a menu available on board to buy food and drink. You can find the menu and costs here.

At Lisbon you will have to disembark the plane and take your hand luggage with you.

Your SAGA Tour Manager will most likely fly out with you from the UK.

It can be difficult to meet guests at or before check in, particularly for a scheduled flight hich will have other groups and passengers on board. Airlines generally won’t divulge seat numbers. As such it is probably best to assume you will first see your Tour Manager on arrival in Ponta Delgada.

Ponta Delgada airport is small. The runway is very close to the sea and depending on the approach you should get a good view over Ponta Delgada as you fly in and if you are on the right hand side of the plane you may even see the hotel too.

On arrival at Ponta Delgada you collect your luggage and make your way out into the main airport building. Here you will be met by your Tour Manager and coach driver.

(Sometimes it is tricky to get ahead of the group so if you don’t see your Tour Manager immediately perhaps just wait inside the airport building for a moment or two. If they have been seated behind you or their luggage has arrived later they may well be behind you coming out of the baggage hall.)

You main suitacases will be loaded into the coach and they will be then sorted and delivered to your rooms leaving you free to deal with your hand luggage.

The transfer time from the airport to the hotel is around 15 minutes or so.

The rest of the day is at leisure.

PT Note: Due to the flight arrival time you may not be able to check into your hotel room on arrival. The hotel will try their best but if they have had a full departure that morning there may be a delay.


Azores Island Hopping

Hotel Marina Atlantico

This hotel, the first on your Azores Island Hopping tour, is two made up of 2 buildings linked together – rooms are often allocated in either part of the hotel. There are lifts to all floors whichever building you are in.

The reception area, meeting rooms, bar, gift shop and restaurant are all on the ground floor.

There is a lounge area on the mezzanine level.

The pool and leisure area is on the lower level of the hotel – accessible by lift.

SAGA are generally allocated side and rear view rooms as the hotel keeps front facing guests free to encourage people to pay to upgrade them.

If you do wish to upgrade then you may be able to arrange this on arrival at the hotel – just ask your Tour Manager.

Front facing rooms have sea views. They look across a swimming area. There is a road infront of the hotel so there is road noise and it can also be very windy too. Rooms are generally brighter and lighter at the front of the hotel.

Read the TripAdvisor reviews of this hotel.

(For more information on this hotel based on my experience of staying here check out my Azores Holidays page)

PT Note:

Given lunch is not included today and you will be arriving in time for a late lunch why not use this afternoon to explore things that are close by?

Opposite the hotel is a harbour area with cafes and restaurants.

If you turn right out of the hotel entrance you will also find cafes and restaurants alongwith a small convenience store and an indoor shopping centre.

Dinner is included this evening. Your Tour Manager will advise you of the time and the seating arrangements. If you wish to dine as a group it is helpful to let your Tour Manager know in advance and they will try to accommodate your requirements.

Dinner is served in the ground floor restaurant. In the past it has been a combination of table and buffet service. Soup has been served to the table, drinks orders taken at the table and then the main course, puddings and salad bar are on the main buffet station.


PT Note:

Food in the Azores is often served at a lower temperature than we are used to, particularly soup. The food meets all the local hygiene and food temperature requirements, it’s just that they are different requirements to those we have at home.

There is generally a good selection of Azorean cheese available during your meals, including for breakfast. It is very creamy and delicious.

PT Note: Optional Excursions

Given that coaches and guides have to be booked for all the optional excursions you may be asked to book your excursions on the first night so your Tour Manager can make all the arrangements.

Previously optional excursions could only be paid for in cash and in euros. This was often missed by guests in advance so it is worth checking your tour paperwork to see if this is still the case.

The details and costs are generally advised in your final tour itinerary which is sent around 2 weeks before departure.

azores island hopping sete cidades the professional traveller
The famous view over the two lakes at Sete Cidades

Azores Island Hopping

Day 2 – Sete Cidades Included Excursion (1/2 Day)

Breakfast is included today.

Breakfast is often ‘dine at leisure’ which means you head down whenever you are ready for breakfast. Whilst there may be allocated tables for dinner there may not be for breakfast as this enables a faster turn round.

Breakfast can be busy at the Marina Atlantico, especially if there are several groups staying and heading out for the day at roughly the same time. The hotel is used by lots of tour companies.

There is a half day included tour to Sete Cidades today. Your Tour Manager will advise you of the departure time.

pineapple plantation azores island hopping the professional traveller
Local guide explaining how pineapples grow

You will probably visit the local pineapple plantation this morning on the way out to Sete Cidades. This is an interesting visit where you will learn about how they cultivate pineapples and get them all to flower at the same time. There is small gift shop. The pineapples in the Azores taste lovely so pineapple jam makes a great local gift.

The excursion heads out to visit the famous blue and green lakes. The colour depends on a great deal of factors, not least the light. You will also stop at some viewpoints along the way and these will depend on weather conditions i.e where can you get the best view from?

During this trip you will also make a stop in the pretty village of Sete Cidades. There are a couple of small cafes near the centre of the village, including a community type centre. There are public toilets in the centre of the village near the Church and community centre.

It’s a good spot if you fancy a walk too.


PT Note:

If you haven’t discovered them by the time you get to Sete Cidades then I would recommend enjoying a Pastel Del Nata with your tea or coffee. It’s a delicious Portuegese custard tart and you will find them everywhere during your trip, but often slightly different in taste.

When ordering tea you will often be given hot milk in Portugal unless you ask otherwise, and the same if you order a coffee with milk on the side.

If you want to order a local coffee that is similar to a latte order a a Galao (prounounced Galaow)

If you order just a coffee you will get an espresso.

You will return from your trip to Sete Cidades in time for lunch in Ponta Delgada.

The rest of your day is at leisure.

Dinner is included this evening.

azores island hopping the professional traveller terra nostra
Sulphur lake at Terra Nostra Gardens

Azores Island Hopping

Day 3 – Sao Miguel, Day at Leisure or Optional Tour to Nordeste

Breakfast is included today.

There is an optional tour to Nordeste and Furnas tour today.

This tour visits a very scenic area of the island that is quite different to Ponta Delgada.

There are stops along the way at various viewpoints – or miradours as they are called.

One of the first stops along the way is generally at a tea factory. The Azores is the only place in Europe to produce tea. The factory is quite small but it is interesting to visit and there is a tasting point where you can try the teas before ending up in the shop and cafe.

I would recommend the Orange Pekoe tea – it’s made from the very tips of the leaves and as such it has no tannins and tastes sweet and soft.

Previously this tour had a local guide, it might be worth checking if this is still the case if this is important to you.

The tour visits Terra Nostra botanical gardens, These gardens are really lovely to walk through. One of the main features of the gardens is the sulphur lake which is popular with visitors and locals alike. The water is a rusty brown colour and you may have the opportunity to take a swim if you want to try something a bit different. There are changing rooms located close to the lake.

azores island hopping furnas the professional traveller

You will also visit Furnas to see the geothermal activity close up. There is a small trail to walk round and there are a couple of spots where you can try the mineral water. It is actually delicious and slightly sparkling too, just scoop it up in your hands if you haven’t got a bottle to catch it in.

You will return late afternoon from this tour, having seen a very different part of the island.

Dinner is included this evening.


Azores Island Hopping

Day 4 – Sao Miguel, Included Walking Tour & Optional Whale & Dolphin Watching Trip

Breakfast is included this morning.

There is a half day walking tour including today of Ponta Delgada. This is generally led by the Tour Manager rather than the local guide. Each Tour Manager does this tour in their own style.

In the afternoon there is an optional whale and dolphin watching trip on a larger boat that can take 65 passengers.

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to do whale watching. The islands are like a buffet station for whales migrating North to South or vice versa.

Whale watching is one of the best reasons to take an Azores Island Hopping trip as there is a very good chance of sightings.

Dinner is included this evening.

horta the professional traveller azores island hopping
Horta From Viewpoint

Azores Island Hopping

Day 5 – Sao Miguel to Faial

Breakfast is included today.

This is where to you start doing some Azores Island Hopping because today you move to a different island – Faial.

Currently there is a flight shown as departing 09.00am from Ponta Delgada and arriving in Horta 09.50am.

Generally groups have to check in at the airport around 1.5 hours before departure. This depends on the group size so may be slightly earlier if a larger group and slightly later if a smaller group.

The check in at Ponta Delgada can be a little slow if the flight is busy.

There is a restaurant before security, which is upstairs at the airport.

Once you go through security there is a cafe and a duty free shop.

The flight is operated by SATA which is the Azorean airline that connects the islands. The planes are generally smaller and that means the overhead lockers are smaller too.

The planes are generally a 2 + 2 configuration.

On arrival in Horta you travel up the escalator to the baggage reclaim hall. You then head out in the main airport area to meet your local rep.

As before your main suitcases will be loaded onto the coach and the hotel will deliver them to your rooms.

The transfer to Faial from the airport is quite short – about 25 minutes.

Due to the arrival time of the flight you will probably not be able to check into your rooms when you arrive at the hotel. They will most likely store your luggage and deliver this to your rooms as they become ready.

They will also be able to store your hand luggage near the front desk so you can access it easily.

There are toilets, a bar and restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.

Dinner is included this evening.

Dinner is served in the ground floor restaurant which looks over the harbour. This is also one of the best views of Pico Mountain which is the highest mountain in Portugal, and located on neighbouring Pico island.

PT Note:

Given you have plenty of free time today why not make the most of the day and enjoy Horta. It’s a lovely little town.

Check out Porto Pim beach just a short walk from the hotel, with it’s acquarium that rescues local wildlife. If you are feeling energetic take a walk up the hill for great views across the bay. There are also a couple of nice cafes and bars here too.

Horta has a pleasant harbour area with a couple of cafes. There are whale watching trips running from here so why not see what is available for today or tomorrow?

Check out Peter’s Cafe for a piece of history – I am told their Gin and Tonics are very good by previous guests!

If you need any supplies there is a Continental Supermarket just up the hill on the main road out of the town, so it’s within walking distance of the hotel.

azores island hopping the professional traveller pico
View from Hotel Do Canal to Pico Mountain

Azores Island Hopping

Hotel Do Canal

This is a popular hotel, used my many groups doing Azores Island Hopping tours, overlooking the harbour in Horta. It is located within easy walk of the attractions of Horta including the beach.

Read the TripAdvisor reviews of this hotel.

(For much more information on this hotel based on my experience of staying here check out my Azores Holidays page)

PT Note:

Check out the Pan Am route map in the hotel. The Azores was very important in the development of longer haul Pan Am flights.

There is also a nice lounge area upstairs at the hotel.

Azores Island Hopping

Day 6 – Faial Full Day At Leisure

Breakfast and dinner are included today.

Today is a full day at leisure so make the most of it and enjoy yourself.

Faial is a great place to spend a day doing your own thing.

PT Note:

Faial is one of the best places to do whale watching from. Whale watching is generally better in the mornings when whales are likely to be more actively hunting for food.

capelhinos the professional traveller azores island hopping

Azores Island Hopping

Day 7 – Faial Island Included Tour (Full Day)

Breakfast is included today.

There is a full day tour of the Faial today which includes visiting the Caldeira and the Capelhinos volanco and visitor centre.

Faial is a very interesting island and there is plenty to see along the way.

Previously this tour visited the viewpoint over Horta, with a great view back over the town and the harbour.

It visited the botanical gardens in the past. If it does visit these gardens then be prepared for a very different type of botanical gardens – the gardens are based on the climate of the Azores which is quite different, with different soil conditions.

The staff at the gardens are very knowledgeable and there is a little cafe with nice coffee if gardens aren’t your thing.

Visiting the caldera involves a drive up into the hills and depending on the time of year you should see some hydrangeas as well.

Having done this trip 5 or 6 times I think I have only seen the caldera twice and one of those times was for about 30 seconds before the mist settled back down again.

Lunch is included today. In the past this has been at a local restaurant which was rustic and lovely with an amazing pudding!

During the day you will also visit the wonderful Capelhinos Museum. It’s a fantastic museum set underground and designed to look like a volcano from the inside.

There is a 3D film which explains more about world geology and geothermal activity. There is also a walk through exhibition which features places around the world and highlights volcanoes etc.

You can see film of the Capelhinos volcano which erupted relatively recently, in 1958. It is fascinating to see and the area is quite different as a result, infact the walk from the coach park is across volcanic debris.

If you are feeling adventurous you can climb up to the top of the lighthouse tower, but this is definitely not for the fainthearted. I’ve never been brave enough myself but previous guests have and described climbing up an open ladder to reach the top!

Dinner is included at the hotel this evening.

azores island hopping the professional traveller pico island
Wineries on Pico island

Azores Island Hopping

Day 8 – Faial, Day At Leisure or 3/4 Day Optional Tour to Pico

Breakfast and dinner included today and the day is at leisure unless you go on the Pico Island optional excursion.

Of course doing to Pico means you can add another island to your count and so that you have done a little more Azores Island Hopping!

PT Note – Pico Island Optional Excursion

Despite being very close to Faial Pico Island is very different, and if you want to say you have visited as many islands as possible and to explore the differences in the islands then it’s well worth a trip over.

Generally for this excursion a coach will transfer you from the hotel to the ferry terminal where you will take the public ferry and arrive around 30 minutes later into Madelena.

On arrival in Madelena you generally meet your local guide and your local coach.

In the past this excursion visited a Wine museum where you can see the vines growing out of the lava rocks. There is also an amazing Dragon tree in the grounds of the museum that I used to enjoy hugging when I visited.

The wineries are UNESCO listed given their history and importance.

You will then head out to the coast and may stop along the way at a viewpoint or perhaps a church.

Lunch previously was in a restaurant close to Lajes, one of the larger towns on the islands. The lunch was good, generally with very good fish as well. The lunch service could be quite busy as it was really one of the main restaurants for groups visiting the island.

After lunch there is a visit to the whaling museum. Whaling is a difficult subject now but it was an important part of the history and economy for the Azores. The whaling museum has a large collection of equipment and there is a film which shows the whaling hunt from beginning to end. This is a difficult watch but it also shows how perilous the hunting was for the locals, many of whom didn’t swim either.

Of course visiting the museum isn’t compulsory and you can take a walk along the very pleasant prom and see the lava swimming pools instead if you wish.

Generally the tour will then cross back to Sao Roque do Pico before catching the ferry back to Faial. You can walk back to the hotel or there will be a coach to take you back at the end of the day.

PT Note:

You can take a ferry yourself over to Pico. It’s lovely to pop over and have lunch and a wander around Madalena yourself. You can easily pop over mid morning and back mid afternoon.

The optional excursion covers a lot more of the island.


Azores Island Hopping

Day 9 – Faial to Terceira

Breakfast is included today.

There is a flight from Faial to Terceira.

This SAGA flight info shows that this flight departs Faial at 09.50am and arrives at Terceira at 13.25, which means that it will stop somewhere en route as the flight time is only around 35 minutes between Horta and Terceira.

However, Skyscanner shows the flight actually departs 09.50 and arrives in Terceira at 10.30 so it might be worth checking this flight information if it’s important to you.

Depart: 09:50 on 06 May 2022
Arrive: 13:25 on 06 May 2022

Terceira Lajes is a larger airport and alongside a military base so there is generally something interesting to see on arrival.

When you land you will need to reclaim your baggage and then meet your Tour Manager who will direct you to your coach. As before your main suitcases will be loaded onto the coach.

The transfer time from Terceira airport to your hotel is around 30-40 minutes.

If the flight arrives at 10.30am then you are unlikley to be able to check into your hotel room on arrival as the Terceira Mar Hotel is quite busy with groups, but your Tour Manager will be able to advise this.

PT Note:

Given that lunch isn’t included why not take a stroll into town, which is around a 15 – 20 minute walk away.

The hotel does bar snacks during the day.

If you head out of the hotel and turn left there is a small fishing village with a couple of cafes and bars and a small convenience store. There is a pavement but it is quite narrow in places.

Dinner is included this evening and is served in the restaurant which is on the same level as reception.

The hotel is set into the side of a hill so there are rooms on the floors below reception as well.

terceira mar hotel the professional traveller azores island hopping
The Terceira Mar Hotel

Azores Island Hopping

Terceira Mar Hotel

The Terceira Mar Hotel is located on the outskirts of Angra Do Heroismo. Again it is used by lots of groups doing Azores Island Hopping tours because it is one of the bigger hotels on the island. It is a long and thin hotel because every room has a seaview. It has a swimming pool, a leisure centre as well as a bar and restaurant.

There are lifts to all floors.

Read the TripAdvisor reviews of this hotel.

(For more information on this hotel based on my experience of staying here check out my Azores Holidays page)

algar the professional traveller azores island hopping
Algar Do Carvao

Azores Island Hopping

Day 10 – Included Angra Walking Tour (1/2 Day), Optional Algar Do Carvao Tour (1/2 Day)

Breakfast is included this morning.

This is served in the restaurant on the same level as reception.

This morning there is an optional walking tour to Angro Do Heroismo.

This is a really interesting tour but it can involve quite a bit of walking, especially given the town centre is around 20 minutes away from the hotel.

Angro Do Heroismo is not all on one level so there can be a number of steps involved and the pavements can be uneven in places too.

If you want to do the tour but minimise the walking then ask your Tour Manager if you can get a taxi and meet them as they arrive into town and then get a taxi from the town centre back. There is also a local bus service that runs from just across the other side of the roundabout near the hotel into town and back, which saves some walking too.

There are some lovely spots to have lunch in Angro Do Heroismo. Previously guests enjoyed the botanical gardens cafe, Casa Do Jardim.

Afternoon – Optional Excursion to Algar Do Carvao Cave & West Terceira

In the afternoon there is an optional excursion visiting the Western part of the island. Like much of the Azores it is quite different to Angro Do Heroismo and the Eastern part of the island.

Previously this tour included a visit to the lava rock pools at Biscoitis before heading to the Algar Do Carvao.

This is basically an extinct volanco that you can go inside. It is quite interesting to look up inside the volcano and see the marks from the lava.

Of course visiting a volcano is going to involve steps. The steps are concrete and the volcano is staffed with local guides who are there to give you plenty of information on what you see around you.

You will have plenty of time to walk down to the lower part of the volcano if you wish.

PT Note:

The fact that you are inside a cave means there can be quite a bit of dripping water. It can also be quite humid inside as well.

Dinner is included this evening, served in the hotel restaurant.

porto pim the professional traveller azores island hopping
Porto Pim Beach

Azores Island Hopping

Day 11 – Terceira Full Day At Leisure

Breakfast and dinner is included today.

Today is a day at leisure.

Why not take a local bus ride and see some different parts of the islands?

There is a golf course on the island if you fancy playing a few rounds.

The hotel also has a pool looking out of the sea if you fancy a day relaxing and topping up your tan.

imperio the professional traveller azores island hopping
Imperio Chapel

Azores Island Hopping

Day 12 – Terceira Full Day Excursion

Breakfast and dinner included.

Today there is an included excursion of Terceira island. This tour also includes a visit to Serra De Cume viewpoint.

Previously this tour included a visit to the top of Monte Brasil, which involves squeezing through a narrow archway on the coach. The viewpoint is scenic and also interesting given there are gun emplacements at the top as well.

This tour includes lunch. In the past this was at a local restaurant and included a delicious local stew which is very filling!

During your tour you are likely to pass by the little chapels called Imperio. They are a feature of Terceira and used one day a year for the local festival. They are all different and hopefully during this tour you will be able to photograph one.

PT Note:

During 5 or 6 trips to the Azores I have seen the full view from the Serra De Cume viewpoint twice. I have never seen all the crater or mountain views on one trip so be prepared for that. The Azores definitely has weather!


Azores Island Hopping

Day 13 – Terceira to Sao Miguel

Breakfast is included at the hotel today.

You will then travel back across the island to the airport for a flight back to Sao Miguel.

Currently the fight shown is as follows;

12.30 Depart Terceira

13.15 Arrive Ponta Delgada

The airport at Terceira has a small cafe near the departure gates which can manage coffees, cakes and snacks i.e. a light lunch.

Due to your arrival time into Ponta Delgada your rooms may not be ready on arrival at the Marina Atlantico hotel.

The rest of the day is free so why not visit something locally?

There is a cave nearby, a local bus service, a tiny naval museum in the old fort near the main square plus lots of pleasant walks nearby.

fire lake the professional traveller azores island hopping
Fire Lake

Azores Island Hopping

Day 14 – Ponta Delgada, Day at Leisure or Optional Whale Watching Excursion (1/2 Day) & Optional Fire Lake Excursion (1/2 Day)

Breakfast is included today and given you will have stayed in this hotel before you will know where everything is already 🙂

Today there are two optional excursions – whale watching and the Fire Lake.

Why not squeeze a bit more into your Azores Island Hopping holiday while you can?

Dinner is included this evening.

Azores Island Hopping

Day 15 – Ponta Delgada to the UK

Breakfast is included this morning.

Then it’s a trip to the airport for the flight home at the end of your Azores Island Hopping tour (although I often say your holiday isn’t over until your key goes back in your front door).

Currently the flights shown for this tour are as follows;

10.45 Depart Ponta Delgada

14:00 Arrive Lisbon

15:00 Depart Lisbon

17.45 Arrive London Heathrow

Check in for international flights with groups is generally a little earlier than domestic flights. You will also need to go through passport control before boarding your flight.

As with the outbound flight you will need to disembark the plane at Lisbon.

On your return you to London Heathrow you will need to collect your luggage from the baggage hall and then head out in the main airport building to meet your driver, if you are using the SAGA transfer service.

The drivers don’t usually come into the airport building until the luggage is in the baggage hall so sometimes there can be a short delay before they arrive.

Saga Azores Island Hopping – Reviews

This trip has a review score of 8.6 out of 10

Professional Traveller Review

  • This tour visits 4 of the Azores islands (visit to Pico Island is an optional tour), with stays on 3 islands
  • The pace is relaxed with plenty of time to enjoy each island and also free time to personalise your tour to suit your own interests
  • This tour includes all the evening meals and breakfasts, leaving just lunches to buy.
  • The audio guides are great with a larger group
  • The outbound and return flight times may mean that you need an airport hotel before and/or after your holiday.

A good value tour with a great pace, giving you time to discover on your own. A good mix of included and optional excursions

Professional Traveller Review of Program and Value for Money

the professional traveller azores holiday 8

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This updated version includes information on the increasing activities available in the Azores, alongwith the new 5 star hotel, plus walking trails, maps and much more.


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