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Discover the Best Seats on a Coach Holiday With These Tips

Thinking of taking a coach holiday?

Wondering what the best seats on the coach are?

Here’s my guide to where the best place to sit on a coach is.

For now, let’s just say that the best seat is not necessarily the front seat! With 49 seats to choose from on a standard coach, there is plenty of choice.

Read on to learn what the best seat on a coach actually is.

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Best Coach Seats

Best Seats on a Coach – Coach Holiday Seating Policies

What’s The Best Place to Sit on a Coach?

Seats with good legroom, away from the onboard toilet, and without a side panel blocking the view are the best. Seats ahead of the front axle will reduce motion sickness.

The first thing to mention before we talk about the best seat on a coach is that different coach holiday companies have different seating policies.

Some companies let guests book their preferred seats. Some let them book the front seats, for a premium.

Some coach holiday companies operate seat rotation on tour to ensure that everyone gets a turn in the front seat on the coach and also moves around the whole coach. Depending on the length of the tour and the size of the group you may not get a turn in the front seat.

Check out my post on coach holiday company seating policies for more information.

If seating is important to you then it’s probably best to check with your coach holiday company before you book.

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Best Place to Sit on a Coach?

What Are the Best Coach Seats?

The answer really depends on you and your requirements.

One thing to bear in mind is that on every coach there is going to be a side panel which means some seats will not have a whole window to themselves.

Hopefully, you don’t have to stay in these seats for the whole of your coach holiday.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons for all the coach seats, starting at the front and working backwards.

Where is the best place to sit on a coach?

Front Seats

Many guests love the front seats because they feel they get the best view but there are other things to consider.


  • No seats in front so great view through the front window
  • First off the coach when you arrive somewhere – if you are quick!


  • The driver may need to put the sun shade down when driving which will block the view for guests sitting behind him or her.
  • In hotter places, particularly with lots of sun coming through the front window, the front seats can get quite hot.
  • The temperature in the front seats can be affected by the temperature that the guide and driver have their air conditioning set at for the front part of the coach.
  • There is generally less legroom in the front seats of the coach.
  • Some guests find it unnerving to see all the traffic coming towards them. Seeing what is happening on the road ahead can make them feel nervous.
  • If there are tables and onboard entertainment on the coach these can sometimes be absent from the front seats.
  • If you are a bit slower getting out of these seats you can sometimes feel the resentment from the guests behind wanting to get off the coach!

Coach Seat

Seats Ahead of the Front Axle


  • These seats can often help if you suffer from travel sickness. Being ahead of the front axle can reduce the feelings of sickness
  • Towards the front of the coach so first off the coach
  • The front step can often be lowered on a coach to make it easier to board or exit the coach.


  • Can feel a bit of pressure to get off the coach quickly if the coach is full and only the front door is being used.

Best Seat on Coach Tour

Seats in the Middle Section of the Coach


  • If the coach has a side door and it is being used it can make getting on and off the coach from these seats quicker


  • The side door cannot always be used – it depends on nearby traffic
  • These seats can be near the toilet. If the toilet is being used then it can start to smell.
  • The steps to the side door are much steeper generally with a half step at the bottom so they are more tricky to navigate. They don’t lower like the front steps.

Best Seats on a Coach

Seats Directly Behind the Middle Door


  • These seats have a big space in front of them and a great view through the side window too


  • There can be reduced legroom for these seats.
  • These seats can also lack tables and on board entertainment on the coach.
  • If the toilet is being used you get a front-row seat of everyone going in and out of the toilet and you can get a smell too.

Best Seat on a Coach

Seats at the Back of the Coach


  • Can spread out a little across the back seat if the coach isn’t full.
  • Great view up the centre of the coach from the middle rear seat which can help if suffering from travel sickness.
  • Some coaches have an emergency exit at the rear door which means that these seats have extra legroom.


  • If the coach has an engine at the rear the back seats can be much warmer than other parts of the coach, which can make travel sickness more likely or worse.
  • These seats are past the rear suspension which means you can get more bounce when sitting in these seats.
  • It can take a while to get off the coach especially if only one door is being used and the coach is full.

Best Seats on a Coach – Conclusion

  • Each coach holiday company has a different seating policy. It is worth checking this before you book rather than assuming and being disappointed.
  • The front seats are not always the best seats on the coach.
  • Coach holidays can still be enjoyed if you suffer from travel sickness – with some good planning and preparation, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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