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Airport Lounges

Airport Lounges

All the posts relating to airport lounges including how to work out the cheapest way to access, membership schemes, Priority Pass and more

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Lounge Pass Or Priority Pass – What Is Your Best Option?

Considering whether to use Lounge Pass or Priority Pass? Here’s my comparison looking at costs for using 3 different airport lounges. Read on to find out what the best option for you is based on your travel plans. What is Priority Pass? Priority Pass is an airport lounge membership scheme. To access airport lounges you pay a membership fee. The costs to access airport lounges depend on the membership you select. Priority Pass has 3 different membership levels. Standard is £69 per year. Every member and guest visit is £24 per person. Standard Plus is £229 per year. The first… Read More »Lounge Pass Or Priority Pass – What Is Your Best Option?

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Free Priority Pass – How Do You Get It? ✈

Ok so let’s be honest from the get-go – there really isn’t a way to get completely free priority pass lounge access (unless someone buys it for you). That said you can get a free priority pass lounge access as a benefit with some travel reward credit cards. However, for this to be free you may need to meet the minimum spending requirements anyway, you need to make sure you don’t pay fees, and that you repay in full so you don’t pay interest. Free Priority Pass with Credit Card There are 4 main credit cards that offer Priority Pass… Read More »Free Priority Pass – How Do You Get It? ✈

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Priority Pass Lounges – All You Need to Know ✈

Want to know all about Priority Pass lounges? Well here’s my guide to everything you need to know about how to access them and all the lounges you can use in the UK with your Priority Pass Membership. Check it out now. What Are Priority Pass Lounges? Well, the first thing to make clear is that the vast majority of lounges aren’t actually Priority Pass lounges. Priority Pass is a membership scheme that give it’s members access to airport lounges around the world. The airport lounges are operated by all sorts of different companies. Priority pass lounges are best defined… Read More »Priority Pass Lounges – All You Need to Know ✈

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Priority Pass Membership – All You Need to Know About Access

Are you interested in Priority Pass lounge membership? Want to know more about the features and to see if it is right for you? Great then check out this detailed review of membership below, but first, let’s start with an important question! 1. What is Priority Pass Membership? Priority Pass in an airport lounge membership program. It’s one of the biggest and has been going on for 30 years. In terms of lounge choice and locations it probably has one of the best range of options available including; There is a choice of lounges available at airports with Priority Pass.… Read More »Priority Pass Membership – All You Need to Know About Access

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Airport Lounge Membership Comparison: Which is Best Value for You?

Are you a regular user of lounges and looking for an airport lounge membership comparison to find you best option? Great! That’s exactly what you will find right here. Airport Lounge Membership Comparison – Membership Schemes Airport lounge membership schemes can be a great value way to access airport lounges. Which airport lounge membership scheme is going to suit you best depends on when, where, and how often you plan to use airport lounges. Other factors include whether you will be regularly travelling with guests. Generally speaking if you are planning on using an airport lounge more than 6 times… Read More »Airport Lounge Membership Comparison: Which is Best Value for You?

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Cheap Airport Lounges: How to Easily Find Your Best Deal

Want to find cheap airport lounges? Just answer the 4 questions in the quiz below and find the cheapest way for you to access an airport lounge. 1. Cheap Airport Lounges – Which is the Best Option? Below you will find a guide to how to access cheap airport lounges based on your visit and travel requirements. For ease of comparison, I based my pricing on accessing airport lounges at London Gatwick Airport. I’ve also assumed that for lounge membership schemes one person is the member and one person is the guest unless advised differently. If you haven’t completed the… Read More »Cheap Airport Lounges: How to Easily Find Your Best Deal

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