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How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Really Easily

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Are you looking to find cheap flights to anywhere?

Travelling on a budget and want to get the most from it?

Great then read on and I will guide you step by step on how to find some great cheap flights.

How do I find the best cheap flights?

Search anywhere or everywhere from a main airport. This will show you the cheapest flights available, listed by country. The larger the airport the more destinations will be available.

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Using Skyscanner

Skyscanner is such a great tool for finding cheap flights. It’s what I use when I start planning my next adventures.

Skyscanner has a really great search option that lets you search for flights anywhere, although it’s actually everywhere on the website!

Follow the post for step by step pictures or just watch this video which will walk you through how to do this search yourself.

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere – Set Everywhere as Your Destination

In Skyscanner select the airport you wish to depart from. In this example, we are going to use Edinburgh.

Then select your date of travel. You can either enter a specific date or choose a whole month. Here I have selected March 2023.

cheap flights to anywhere departure month

Click in the ‘to’ box and the option of everywhere will come up in blue. Then click the green ‘search flights’ button.

cheap flights to anywhere everywhere

Tick any of the options below the search box such as direct flights and nearby airports. For this search, I selected direct flights.

cheap flights to anywhere direct flights

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere – Choose Your Destination Country

After clicking search flights you will get a list of countries and the cheapest prices to those countries, with the cheapest flights at the top.

cheap flights to anywhere country options

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere – Choose Your Destination

Simply click on the country for a further drop down list of the destinations available and the flight costs. In this search, all the results are for direct flights from Edinburgh Airport.

cheap flights to anywhere destination options

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere – Choose Your Travel Dates

Then click on the destination to see a whole month calendar which will show the flight costs to that destination from your starting airport.

cheap flights to anywhere flight schedule

In this search, we can see that there is a cheap flight leaving Edinburgh on the 9th of March for £9 and one returning on the 5th of March for £9.

Click on the dates to select them and then scroll down the page.

There you will see the total cost of the flights.

Click on find flights.

cheap flights to anywhere find flights

Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere – Make Your Final Selection

You will then see the flight details including the flight operator and the timings. At the top, there are options for the ‘best’, ‘fastest’, and ‘cheapest’. In this search, they are all the same option but that’s not always the case.

cheap flights to anywhere flight results

A little further down the page, you will see the flight options available.

cheap flights to anywhere filters

On the left-hand side of the page there are filter options including;

  • Direct Flights
  • 1+ Stop
  • 2+ Stops

There are sliders to select the outbound and return flight times to filter the search results. This can be a very handy filter if you need to change to other or connecting flights.

There is also a slider for flight duration.

Further down on the left-hand side, you can filter results using airlines, either selecting or deselecting airlines to suit your requirements.

There is also a very handy filter on the left-hand side which is to ensure flights fly out of and return to the same airport.

cheap flights to anywhere same airports option

So that is a super simple way to find cheap flights to anywhere using Skyscanner and the direct flight’s option.

Try some searching yourself. You can choose different airports and get different search results and flight costs.

You might be interested in this map search which gives you the flight prices;

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