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What Makes Me a Coach Holiday Expert?

Years of experience!

I have spent 25 years taking coach holidays all over the world. I started taking coach holidays before the internet, before modern computers and before cheap flights came along. We weren’t quite steam driven in those days but I do wonder how we managed and how everything worked!

I have worked with a number of different coach holiday companies. I have lots of coach holiday experience including;

  • Taking early European tours before cheap flights.
  • Combined coach and rail coach holidays.
  • Special event coach holidays including concerts and sporting events.
  • River cruise holidays.

Coach Holiday Expertise

Years of experience are great but I have also invested a great deal of effort into honing my skills and knowledge when it comes to coach holidays including;

  • Taking first departure tours which involved on the spot problem fixing due to itinerary and supplier issues.
  • Taking private group tours including alumni groups.
  • Training other tour managers.
  • Updating tour manuals and information for other tour managers.
  • Providing tour briefings to other tour managers.
  • Taking over coach holidays at the last minute in the event of illness or accident of tour manager or coach driver.

Coach Holiday Experience

Over my 25 year career I have taken coach holidays to;

  • Most of Europe including France, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland and Italy
  • Russia
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • China
  • Singapore and Bangkok

Coach Holiday Expert Recommendations

I’ve got a huge number of notes and cards from passengers I have travelled with over the years. These are always a great reminder of a happy trip and helping someone to enjoy their experience. A couple of notable recent experiences;

I travelled with a first time traveller who had never been out of the US before. She was very nervous but enjoyed her trip and wrote me the most wonderful note saying how I had helped her gain the confidence to carry on travelling.

A husband and wife travelled with me on a recent trip. The husband had absolutely hated the idea of a coach holiday and was really going along because of his wife. He didn’t really think he would enjoy the experience. At the end of the holiday he did a speech on behalf of the group saying what a great Tour Manager I had been and that he was converted and was now looking forward to lots more holidays with his wife. Who know Tour Managers could help marriages too!

Coach Holidays Can Be Great Holiday Options

You may think I am biased, and perhaps I am, but coach holidays can be a great holiday optin to consider.

Infact I recently wrote 9 Reasons To Choose A Coach Holiday based on all the things guests have told me over the years as the reasons they chose to take a coach holiday.

If you are interested in finding out more about coach holidays then check out my dedicated coach holiday page.

Which Coach Holiday Are You?

Are you not sure what sort of coach holiday might suit you best?

Take this super quick quiz to find out. It will ask you a few questions about your activity level, your holiday preferences and let you know at the end what sort of coach holiday might suit you best (or maybe not a coach holiday!)

Coach Holiday Consultancy

I am now putting all those years of experience to good use and helping coach holiday companies to improve their guest experience and to help hotels to make sure they are providing the best service possible to coach holidays staying with them.

Check out my dedicated page to find out more about coach holiday consultancy.

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