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Coach Holiday Hand Luggage – Helpful Things to Know

Planning on taking a coach holiday? Here are some tips to help you with your coach holiday hand luggage.

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Coach Holiday Hand Luggage – Size

The overhead racks on coaches are much smaller than the overhead lockers/bins on planes. For most coaches, a small case that is 45x36x20cm is probably about as big as you will manage. For some coaches, even this is too big. The overhead racks on coaches are really designed for jackets and coats rather than luggage.

A smaller bag is helpful as it can easily fit by your feet, leaving the overhead rack for your coats and jackets.

If your bag is too big it can end up in the locker underneath the coach which can make it difficult to access during the day.

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Coach Holiday Hand Luggage – Contents

Here’s an idea of some things that might be handy to keep in your coach holiday hand luggage. This is based on travelling on the coach during the day for example when out on tours and travelling between destinations.

  • An extra layer of clothing if travelling somewhere colder – always handy and a cardigan is ideal.
  • Waterproof – a foldable pac a mac or poncho is ideal for unexpected rain
  • Drink and a snack – travelling can be unpredictable sometimes so having a drink and snack can keep you going in case of any delays
  • Travel fan – ideal if you are travelling somewhere warm as it helps reduce the risk of travel sickness and overheating
  • Sunscreen – essential if you are travelling somewhere hot. It’s best not to apply it on the coach though.
  • Hat – again if travelling somewhere hot a hat is ideal, it’s easy to overheat
  • Battery backup charger – if you rely on your electrical devices then having a spare battery bank in your bag is really handy
  • Charging lead – if you are taking a backup charger then you are going to need a charging lead as well. Also handy if there are USB sockets on the coach (although these aren’t always that common).
  • Ginger sweets or ginger tablets – ideal if you are at risk of getting coach sick. Sweets will deal with low-level feelings of nausea and tablets will help when travelling on twisty roads.
  • Headphones/earbuds – sometimes you just need to enjoy a bit of music, catch up on an audiobook or just blot out the tour guide! Headphones or earbuds can also help if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Book or ebook reader – sometimes there isn’t much to see other than motorway signs so a book or an ebook reader can help you catch up on reading while you are travelling.
  • Medication – if you need any medication during the day then keep it handy and keep it in your hand luggage bag.
  • Map – some travellers like to follow along with where they are on a map. If you don’t have a map of the area there should be local and area maps available at the local tourism offices. Hotels often have maps too.
  • Antibacterial Wipes – handy for any spills, for keeping you feeling fresh, for helping to keep you cool, and as emergency toilet roll if none is available.
  • Copy of your itinerary – handy so you know what you should be doing and when and to help you plan your free time.
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Coach Holiday Hand Luggage Conclusion

  • The overhead storage racks on coaches are much smaller than on planes, or trains. A small suitcase is unlikely to fit into it.
  • Snacks and drinks will help keep you going in the event of any delays
  • Extra clothing depending on the local weather conditions is always handy

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  • Stayed in over 700 hotels. Taken +9,500 on coach holidays
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