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Coach Holiday Meals – Things to Know Before You Book 🚍

coach holiday meals

Are you planning on taking a coach holiday?

Don’t assume you know what the coach holiday meals will be like – read on for some examples and things to consider before you book.

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Coach Holiday Meals – What’s Included

The website or brochure that you see before you make your booking should have details of how many meals are included in your coach holiday.

Most companies give a breakdown of how many and what type of meals are included. For example, this tour of Andalucia includes 8 breakfasts and 8 evening meals. That means any meals in between these times are at your own expense.

What is included depends on the type of coach holiday, and where you are visiting.

Some coach holidays provide all inclusive options which include all meals and drinks, some just include breakfast.

Given how much it varies from holiday to holiday it’s always best to check – meals are such a big part of the holiday experience.

I have had a number of guests over the years who have been disappointed that the meals on the tour they were on were different from their previous tour – they assumed that it would be the same meal arrangements because it was the same holiday company.

PT Note

Even if all your meals are included it doesn’t mean you have to eat them all. Sometimes guests like to take a night to try a local restaurant on their own, or they aren’t used to eating such large meals. I once had a guest who didn’t eat any of his included evening meals as he liked to eat before 3pm each day.

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Coach Holiday Meals

Each holiday company has a different approach to coach holiday meals. Some companies require a set menu with 3 choices per course for their guests, some require a buffet with a minimum number of choices and some have a set menu with no choices.

Again it varies greatly so it is always worth checking you know what the meal arrangements are rather than being disappointed.

One holiday company I worked with provided buffets for evening meals in one country, and all set menus with no choices in another country.

As above it’s best not to assume but to check and know for sure rather than being disappointed.

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Coach Holiday Meals

Coach Holiday Drinks

There can often be confusion about drinks on coach holidays. One of the most common issues is that guests might have taken a coach holiday to Spain or Portugal for example and had wine included with their meals. Then they take a coach holiday to another country and find that wine is not included and they are disappointed.

This varies from country to country and company to company. Wine may be included in countries where it is very cheap, but generally, it’s not included in countries where it is more expensive such as the UK.

Water is sometimes included, as is tea or coffee at the end of the meal but again this varies from country to country and also company to company.

Some coach holiday companies do offer the option to include a drinks package. This may include local drinks and not premium brands. For example, a local vodka may be included in the drinks package but not Smirnoff.

Coach Holiday Meals – Conclusion

  • Don’t assume what the meals might be on your coach holiday – that’s a sure way to cause confusion and disappointment. Check with the holiday company to make sure before you book.
  • Check whether there are choices for evening meals, whether it’s a fixed menu, buffet, or something else.
  • Double-check what drinks are included with your evening meal – if none are included then you know you need to budget extra for these.

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