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Best Compression Packing Cube Set – Saves Luggage Space

Compression packing cubes are a great way to organise your clothes when travelling. They can save lots of space in your suitcase.

This compression packing cube set is one of my travel essentials for longer trips.

Read on for all the details.

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Looking for A Compression Packing Cube Set?

Do Compression Packing Cubes Really Save Space?

Compression packing cubes can reduce the space your clothes take up by up to 50%. It depends on the type of clothing. Denim and thick woollens don’t reduce to the same extent.

Why Do I Recommend This Compression Packing Cube?

  • It has a double-zipper system
  • There are 3 compression cubes included in the set
  • They are great at compressing your clothes and saving luggage space
  • They make finding your clothes when travelling easy
  • They save ironing if you fold things right!

Currently £18.69 and free Amazon Prime delivery – why not get yours now?

best compression packing cube for travel

Compression Packing Cube Set

If you want to reduce the size of the luggage you travel with then you need compression packing cubes.

These cubes work exactly the same as regular packing cubes in that you pack your clothes into them. However, once the packing cube is full you then compress the contents of the bag using the double zipper system.

The picture below shows how they work.

I have found these cubes work best with clothes that are folded rather than rolled. If you try and compress clothes that are folded they are just going to crease pretty badly and require ironing when you unpack them.

They can require a bit of elbow grease to close as they use the force of you pushing down on the packing cube and then closing the zip to save space.

They are ideal if you want to travel just with hand luggage or under seat luggage to save on baggage fees for example.

These cubes will reduce your packing space by about 50% with most materials, denim is a little tougher. Also, thick woollen jumpers won’t compress to the same amount.

With a bit of careful folding these compression packing cubes will also ensure that your clothes arrive wrinkle-free when you unpack too. The compression helps stop your clothes from moving around in your luggage so helps to avoid unpacking a wrinkled pile of clothing, which requires ironing or steaming.

This set includes 3 compression cubes.

You can use them all at once, for different types of clothing, or for different sizes of luggage – the choice is yours!

(I have tried the air compression packing cubes previously and the ones that attached to hoovers to suck the air out of them. It’s quite tricky to find a hoover when travelling and with the air ones I ended up rolling around on hotel floors trying to squish the air out which wasn’t fun!)

compression packing cube demo picture

Best Compression Packing Cube for Travel – Price

These are currently £18.69 on Amazon with free Prime delivery – why not get yours now?

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