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Inverness Airport Lounge Review: Super Friendly and Fab To Use

Looking to use Inverness airport lounge?

It’s a regular stop for me and a great way to start a flight.

Check out this guide to the facilities available at Inverness Airport lounge.

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1. Inverness Airport Lounge Location

Inverness airport lounge, operated by Aspire, is located through security. It is closest to Gate Number 3 and opposite the Stag and Thistle bar.

You access the lounge through a set of double doors.

There is a small desk in the entrance where you sign into the lounge. If no one is at the desk they will not be very far away at all – usually tidying the lounge or getting some more supplies.

To access Inverness airport lounge you will need to show your boarding pass as well as your lounge membership card, or pre-booking.

This lounge is available for Priority Pass members.

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2. Inverness Airport Lounge Facilities

  • There are some tables and chairs overlooking the airport apron – where the planes park. 
  • There are some high back chairs and towards the rear of the lounge there are some more chairs around tables.
  • In the centre is a refreshment station. The drinks include the usual selection of soft drinks, beers and wines.
  • There is also a hot drinks machine at one end alongwith a select of herbal teas.
  • Generally there is a selection of crisps, cakes and snacks.
  • Depending on the time of day there are sandwiches and soup available, alongwith scones. Items are stored in the fridge as well.
  • As with most lounges there is good wifi access with the code displayed clearly.
  • There are also plenty of sockets located around the lounge
  • At the entrance to the lounge are a selection of newspapers and magazines.
  • A departures and arrivals board in the lounge gives information on plane arrival and boarding times.
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3. Inverness Airport Lounge Toilet Facilities

The lounge is too small for toilet facilities to be inside the lounge itself so to use these you simply need to head back out into the main public lounge area.

If you need to go out and use the toilet you can easily access the lounge again by showing your booking information again.

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4. Using Inverness Airport Lounge

Every time I have visited the lounge I have found the staff very friendly and helpful. As a solo traveller it is always nice to have a friendly welcome. The friendly welcome also helps calm my nerves ahead of flying.

I once mistakenly left a jacket in the lounge and they wonderfully brought it out to the plane. I sheepishly put my hand up but was glad to have it back as it was the only one I had with me.

I also took my nephew and sister into the lounge ahead of my nephew’s first flight. Accessing the lounge took his mind off his upcoming flight. 
He loved the fact that the people on the luggage loading vehicle waved at him as they went by the window.

5. Delayed Flights and Inverness Airport Lounge

If your flight is delayed you can easily return to the lounge. It is a much nicer place to wait than the main airport building.

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6. Inverness Airport Lounge: Professional Traveller Summary

  • The service at Inverness Airport lounge reflects my experience of living and working in the Highlands.
  • It is friendly and welcoming in a genuine way. People have time to take a minute to say hello. It’s one of the things groups most commonly comment on too when I’m taking them round the Highlands.
  • If you are interested in booking the lounge directly you can find more information and book direct here. You can also see reviews on the page as well.
  • It also includes details of the dress code which I am pleased to say allows Christmas jumpers – a very important clarification!
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7. Flying from Inverness Airport?

Use the search box below to find flights from Inverness Airport.

This search is set from Inverness to Amsterdam but you can easily amend and search for a different destination.

8. Flying Between Inverness and London?

This calendar view gives you an idea of prices between Inverness and London

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inverness airport lounge the professional traveller