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Port of Invergordon – Where Do Cruise Ships Dock?

Are you coming to the port of Invergordon?

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock in Invergordon?

Want to know where your cruise ship will dock and what facilities are there?

Well check out this post for all the details.

2023 Cruise Ships Coming into Port of Invergordon

The majority of the cruise ships coming to visit the port of Invergordon in 2023 are going to be moored at the service base.

You can check the 2023 Port of Cromarty Firth cruise ship schedule here.

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Port of Invergordon – The Service Base

The service base is an industrial area. It is full of businesses that are connected with oil, gas, renewable energy, or support industries.

These companies carry out a variety of work such as servicing and repairing oil rigs for example.

There is no cruise ship terminal building for cruise ship passengers.

There is a tourist information point, some toilets, and a small shop within the port complex.

Coaches and transport for ship organised excursions are allowed into the port complex.

All other vehicles – such as private tour vehicles and buses can be found outside the port complex in the town.

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Port of Invergordon – Where Do Cruise Passengers Go?

Depending on what you are leaving the ship for you need to go in one of two directions;

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Taking A Ship Organised Shore Excursion

Turn left as you exit the ship and you will come to the area where the coaches are parked. Coaches cannot park in this area for long periods due to the number of coaches coming and going. Your excursion team will advise you when to go to the coach park. This will ensure you won’t get there before the coach.

Security and other staff will direct you to your coach. Take extra care of the moving vehicles in the area.

There is no seating in this area, other than for the coaches themselves.

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Taking a Tour That is Not Organised by the Ship

Turn right as you exit the ship and follow the green marked pathway. This will take you out of the port complex. Your tour company or guide will give you instructions on where to meet them. This varies depending on whether the tour is on a coach or in a car.

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Walking to Invergordon

Turn right as you exit the ship and follow the green marked pathway. This will take you out of the port complex. Cross over the street using the pedestrian crossing. Follow along to the right. When you reach a small gardens walk through the gardens and then through one of the alleyways between the buildings in front of you. This will bring you to Invergordon High Street. It is around 5 minutes to walk once you leave the port.

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Port of Invergordon – Saltburn Pier

Saltburn Pier is operated by the Port of Cromarty Firth. It is located just outside the town of Invergordon. It is a long wooden pier.

Cruise ship passengers wishing to visit Invergordon have to take a shuttle bus which takes them down the pier and drops them beside the town. It is not possible to walk along the pier.

Cruise ship passengers taking ship organised excursions are collected by coaches parking alongside the ship.

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2023 Cruise Ships Docking at Saltburn Pier

These are the ships currently due to dock at Port of Invergordon Saltburn Pier in 2023

  • 10/5 Viking Venus
  • 15/5 Seabourn Ovation
  • 16/5 Viking Venus
  • 18/5 Dumont D’Urville
  • 25/5 Seabourn Ovation
  • 28/5 Spirit of Adventure
  • 5/6 Seabourn Ovation
  • 7/6 Viking Venus
  • 22/6 Sea Cloud Spirit
  • 15/7 Azamara Pursuit
  • 27/7 Silver Shadow
  • 28/7 Azamara Journey
  • 14/8 Europa
  • 18/8 Viking Mars
  • 3/9 Viking Jupiter
  • 15/9 World Explorer
  • 18/9 World Explorer
  • 25/9 World Traveller
  • 27/9 Viking Venus

You can check the full cruise ship schedule on the Port of Cromarty Firth website here

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