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Priority Pass Lounges – All You Need to Know

Want to know all about Priority Pass lounges?

Well here’s my guide to everything you need to know about how to access them and all the lounges you can use in the UK with your Priority Pass Membership.

It’s ideal if you are thinking about Priority Pass membership but want to know more about their lounges.

What Are Priority Pass Lounges?

Well, the first thing to make clear is that the vast majority of lounges aren’t actually Priority Pass lounges.

Priority Pass is a membership scheme that give it’s members access to airport lounges around the world. The airport lounges are operated by all sorts of different companies.

Priority pass lounges are best defined as lounges that you can access using the priority pass membership scheme.

Priority Pass Lounge

Types of Priority Pass Memberships Available

Priority Pass has 3 different levels of membership available.

Standard Membership

Costs £69 per year

£24 per visit

£24 per guest visit

Standard Plus

Costs £229 per year

10 visits included for member

Additional £24 per visit

£24 per guest visit


Costs £419 per year

Unlimited visits for member

£24 per guest visit

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Priority Pass Airport Lounges

Features and Benefits of Priority Pass Lounges

The main benefits of Priority Pass Lounges are the number of lounges you can access. You can also access these lounges at a lower rate than booking direct or pay as you (although that only applies if you are going to be using a lounge 3 times or more a year)

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Airport Priority Pass Lounge

How Do You Access Priority Pass Lounges?

To access the lounges you simply turn up with your boarding pass and your membership card. You can either use your plastic Priority Pass membership card or your online card which is stored in the Priority Pass app.

You do not need to book in advance.

However, given that No.1 lounges are extremely busy you can now book these through Priority Pass by paying an extra fee. That way you are guaranteed entry to the lounge.

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Priority Pass Airport Lounges

What Are the Benefits of Accessing Priority Pass Lounges?

Food & Drink

Food and drink is free in Priority Pass lounges. The options available depend entirely on the lounge. For some it will include salads and hot meal items such as pasta, for others it may be soup, but there is always something.

Drinks are included although there is generally a charge for premium drinks such as champagne.

Having spent £15 on an egg muffin and a coffee in Edinburgh airport recently you can see how accessing an airport lounge could be cheaper than paying for food and drink in the airport.

Comfortable Seating

Airport lounges generally have much more comfortable seating than the fixed metal type seating you get in the public part of the building. Some have sofas, some have armchairs – it varies from lounge to lounge but generally speaking, it’s much more comfortable.

Internet Access & Workstations

Higher-speed WIFI is generally available in most airport lounges. There are often workstations or even just tables and chairs which make working in the airport much easier. This can ensure that you make the most of your time at the airport. It’s especially handy if you are travelling for work.

There are also plenty of charging points and electrical sockets in airport lounges which makes working, and charging all your devices easy and convenient.

Entertainment Facilities

Some airport lounges have games facilities, some have cinema screens and some have large TV screens. Of course, most of us are able to stream anything we want to watch or listen to online ourselves so perhaps there is less demand now than there was.

There are some airport lounges that have facilities for children such as small play areas or rooms.

Showers & Restrooms

Generally, most airport lounges will have their own restrooms. Some also have showers which can be fantastic if you have a layover between flights and want to freshen up.

Where are the Priority Pass Lounges Located?

In the UK you can access the following lounges with your Priority Pass membership;

  • Inverness – Aspire Lounge
  • Aberdeen – Northern Lights Lounge
  • Edinburgh – Aspire Lounge Gate 16, Aspire Lounge Gate 4
  • Glasgow International – Upperdeck Lounge
  • Newcastle – Aspire Lounge
  • Manchester – Aspire & Escape Lounge
  • Liverpool – Executive Lounge
  • Leeds – Yorkshire Lounge
  • East Midlands – Escape Lounge
  • Birmingham – Aspire Lounge
  • London Luton – Aspire Lounge
  • London Stansted – Escape Lounge
  • London Southen – Skylife Lounge
  • London Gatwick North Terminal – No 1 Lounge, Gateway, Clubrooms North
  • London Gatwick South Terminal – No 1 Lounge, Clubrooms South, Aspire, My Lounge
  • London Heathrow Terminal 3 – No 1 Lounge, Aspire Lounge
  • London Heathrow Terminal 5 – Aspire Lounge
  • Bristol International – Aspire Lounge
  • Exeter – Executive Lounge
  • Newquay – Executive Lounge

Priority Pass has access to the following lounges around the world;

  • 370 Lounges in Europe
  • 90 Lounges in Africa
  • 70 Lounges in the Middle East
  • 440 Lounges in the Asia Pacific Region
  • 150 Lounges in Latin America
  • 150 Lounges in North America and Canada

What Are the Challenges with Priority Pass Lounges?

Crowded/Busy Lounges

No 1. Lounges are probably one of the most popular airport lounges, particularly at Gatwick Airport. They can get very busy. To avoid Priority Pass members being turned away at busy times Priority Pass has introduced an online booking system for these lounges. This guarantees entry. There is a £6 fee to book the No 1 lounge which is in addition to the membership fee already paid.

To guarantee entry into very popular Clubrooms at Gatwick there is a £15 fee.

Restricted Access During Peak Travel Times

Priority Pass membership is not a guarantee of entry into an airport lounge. At peak times airport lounges will prioritise customers who have booked directly. This could mean that you get turned away despite paying for Priority Pass membership.

This can also happen when there have been a lot of flight delays/disruptions. In these circumstances, passengers waiting for delayed flights can stay in the lounge for longer than 3 hours.

Priority Pass Lounges – Conclusion

  • Priority Pass is a membership scheme that gives access to airport lounges.
  • Priority Pass membership can be cost-effective if you are going to be using an airport lounge more than 4-6 times a year (depending on your travel needs)
  • Using an airport lounge can be cost-effective compared to the cost of buying food and drink in the airport.
  • An airport lounge can provide a space to work more effectively while waiting for a flight.
  • An airport lounge is a more comfortable and generally quieter space to be in before flying. I think of an airport lounge as a way to upgrade your airport experience.
  • Priority Pass members have access to other membership perks such as meal deals.
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Priority Pass Lounges FAQs

Does Priority Pass Get You Into All Lounges?

Priority Pass gets you into the majority of lounges but not all of them. Priority Pass has over 1300 lounges and experiences (such as meal deals) at airports throughout the world.

How Many Lounges Can You Visit with Priority Pass?

You can visit as many as you like. There is no restriction. The cost to visit a lounge will depend on what type of membership you have. A standard membership costs £69 and then each lounge visit is £24. A prestige membership is £419 with unlimited lounge visits.

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