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Compression Packing Cube


A compression packing cube will reduce the amount of space your clothes take up in your case by around 50% (denim not quite as much).


If you want to reduce the size of the luggage you travel with then you need compression packing cubes.

These cubes work exactly the same as regular packing cubes in that you pack your clothes into them. However, once the packing cube is full you then compress the contents of the bag using the double zipper system.

The picture below shows how they work.

I have found these cubes work best with clothes that are folded rather than rolled.

They can require a bit of effort to close but do save a great deal of space.

They are ideal if you want to travel just with hand luggage or underseat luggage to save on baggage fees for example.

These cubes will reduce your packing space by about 50% with most materials, denim is a little tougher.

You do need to take care packing these as the clothes will be compressed and if you have creases when you pack these, you will definitely have creases when you unpack them.

This set includes 3 compression cubes.

compression packing cubes for travel


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