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These great value earbuds have a good sound quality. The charge time is great and they are comfortable to wear for long periods


Why Do I Recommend These Earbuds?

  • They are great value
  • The charging case is great for travelling
  • They are noise cancelling
  • The sound quality is great


The Best Earbuds


Travelling can often be quite a noisy experience. Airports, train stations, hotels, buses, cities and streets – all can be noisy places. Noise can be tiring and it can make travelling seem difficult and stressful.

The sound quality is rich and deep, with nice base tones. The price means that if I do lose another earbud it won’t be so painful to replace them.

These earbuds connect via bluetooth. Once paired they connect automatically whenever you open the charging case.

Fitting in ear means they are comfortable but also compact so they won’t take up much space at all.

The sound quality for phone calls is good too. It’s nice and clear and the built in microphone seems to work very well. It doesn’t pick up too much of the background noise, unlike some other earbuds or earphones.

If you like the gym then these earbuds are also great. They are waterproof (although I haven’t tested that yet myself!). They are super comfy and very light so great for whatever you like doing at the gym, whether it be weights or cardio.

The noise cancelling is good. It’s not as effective as the full over ear headphones but that’s OK as they aren’t the same thing. For short haul and mid length flights these work well enough.

These earbuds also have touch control. You can turn them on or off, turn the volume up or down and change the track.

They have a 7 hour run time from a single charge, and 42 hour run time with the charging case. They will cope with any amount of travelling you are planning doing!

Earbuds Specification

  • 3g weight
  • 7 hours run time on single charge
  • 42 hours run time with charging case
  • 1 hour to recharge
  • Fit in ear
  • Touch control on earbuds
  • Noise cancelling
  • Charging case 2″ or 4.5cm x 2″ or 4.5cm
  • Micro USB charger connection
  • Earbud 3.5cm or 1.3″ long


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