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Easyjet Underseat Cabin Bag


This greeat Easyjet underseat cabin bag fits perfectly under the seat infront on you on all Easyjet flights. That means no extra fees to pay!


Why Do I Recommend This Easyjet Underseat Cabin Bag?


  • Fits perfectly under the seat so it’s included with standard fare price
  • Spacious with handy zippers and pockets
  • Two wheels for easy transporting
  • Long handle extending up to 1m for easy handling


The Easyjet Cabin Bag


This Easyjet cabin bag is my favourite and one of my most used cases.

If you love a bargain flight but hate paying luggage fees then this is the perfect Easyjet cabin bag for you.

This bag is exactly the right size for the Easyjet cabin bag allowance of 45x36x20cm. This size case is included in your standard fare so you don’t have to pay any luggage fees on top.

Having a case that fits under the seat means there is no need to worry about speedy boarding either – more saving!

If you are planning on travelling for a shorter trip of around 3-5 days then this is the perfect bag size for you.

The inside is spacious with one main large compartment. The handle structure goes down the middle of the case making a recess either side.

Covering half of the main compartment is a clear mesh zipped compartment. This is handy for any smaller items such as medication, electrical leads etc.

The main compartment has two zips runing around the main access. This means you can unzip and flip open the whole front of the case, making it easy to pack.

One of the features I like is the zip around the top of the case. This means you can access or retrieve items from the top of case easily.

On inside of the front of the case are two mesh compartments. These are handy for keeping a toiletry bag. It stays secure but is also quick to grab for the security search.

On the outside of the case are three zipped compartments. These are perfect for keeping anything in you might want to reach while travelling.

I have used this suitcase on many Easyjet flights. I have never had to stop and put it in the gauge to check the size.

This Easyjet cabin bag has been with me on 4 night trips to Alicante with day and evening clothes. Recently I took my full size camera and case in this cabin bag alongwith clothes for a weekend break.

This Easyjet cabin bag means you can board whenever you like when travelling Easyjet. It also means you don’t have to pay extra for a seat which includes an overhead locker bag. On a recent flight from Inverness to Luton these were £26 each way, which was more expensive than the flight.

(If you would like a case that is the same size but with backpack straps so you can travel handsfree then check out my review of a this great 45x36x20 cabin bag)

Easyjet Cabin Bag – Specification


  • 45x36x20cm size including wheels and handle
  • Weights 1.99kg
  • 5 year guarantee
  • 60 days returns policy
  • Available in black or purple (other colours currently out of stock)
  • 20 litre capacity inside the case
  • Handle extends to 1 metre
  • 2 high mileage wheels
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