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Ginger Sweets


These ginger sweets are ideal for dealing with low level travel or motion sickness. They are effective without being overpowering – very helpful!


Why Do I Recommend These Ginger Sweets

    • Ginger flavour helps deal with early symptoms of travel sickness
    • Ginger flavour is not overpowering like some sweets I have tried
    • Travel tin means they travel well and don’t stick together
    • Effective at keeping mild travel sickness at bay


The Best Ginger Sweets

Travel sickness can make travelling grim.

If, like me you suffer from travel sickness, then you know how awful it can be. You can feel hot, sick and unsteady and it can stay with you after you have stopped moving.

As a lifelong sufferer of travel sickness I have tried all sorts of products including travel sickness tablets. However, the side effects of travel sickness tablets can also be quite unpleasant and including drowsiness and unsteadiness.

Travel sickness can easily also lead to vertigo which can be much more serious and often requires medical intervention.

As someone who suffers from all forms of motion sickness including terrible sea sickness I always try to be prepared and deal with travel sickness before the symptoms become unmanageable and overwhelming.

I have found ginger sweets a great way to manage low level symptoms, such as feelings of sickness. The ginger keeps symptoms from getting worse. Ginger sweets are great at dealing with travel sickness when travelling by road for example.

If I was travelling somewhere where the road was particularly twisty then I might take ginger tablets in advance just to reduce the risk of sickness as much as possible. I would do the same if I was travelling by boat or ship.

However, for most day to day coach and car travel these ginger sweets work really well.

Some ginger sweets I have tried have been so overpowering that they have actually made me feel sick, which completely defeats the purpose of taking them!

These sweets are the best I have found for being effective without being overpowering.

The travel tin ensures they don’t all stick together and last a long time, although you can easily put them in something smaller if you need to.

These ginger sweets are part of my travel essentials and I make sure I have these and a travel fan when I am travelling by road, particularly by coach. The fan stops me overheating, which can easily lead to feelings of sickness and the sweets prevent nausea.

I have tried sweetie shop type ginger sweets but they are more sugary and less gingery so not as effective.

These have been described as warming, which I think sums them up nicely.

The base of these sweets is ginger oil and I like the fact that they are made in the UK – in Yorkshire infact!

Ginger Sweets – Specification

    • Weight 200 grams
    • 10cm x 10cm x 4cm tin dimensions
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