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Ginger Tablets


These ginger tablets are great at helping with travel/motion sickness. They don’t cause drowsiness like travel sickness tablets do.


Why Do I Recommend These Ginger Tablets?


    • They are very effective at preventing motion, travel and sea sickness
    • There are no side effects from these tablets
    • They are strong but not overpowering
    • They are made in the UK

The Best Ginger Tablets


If, like me, you suffer with travel or motion sickness, you will know how tough travelling can be.

It is such an awful feeling and it can make travelling, or even the thought of travelling miserable. Even worse is the fact that you can continue to feel sick even after you have stopped moving. Awful.

There are travel sickness tablets available. I have tried plenty of them. All the ones I have tried have some sort of side effects. Generally you have to take them in advance of travelling. If the journey is OK with no problems you can end up with side effects of the tablets anyway. Often they can cause dizziness and drowsiness. They can also make you feel hot.

The side effects of travel sickness tablets can linger as well.

If you are travelling for work then taking something that is going to cause drowsiness is not great. It means you can’t do your job well. That’s especially the case when I am travelling as a Tour Manager.

That’s why these ginger tablets have been so helpful. If I know I am going to be travelling somewhere with a high risk of travel sickness I can take them. There are no side effects to worry about. If the travel sickness turns out not to be an issue then all I have taken is ginger – no chemicals.

I generally use these if I expect a problem with travel sickness. That means going on a boat, or a very twisty road for example. If I am not expecting any major issues I use ginger sweets to manage low level travel or motion sickness.

Over the years I have tried all sorts of things to help with travel sickness and these have worked the best for me. They enable me to travel without worrying about sickness. They also enable me to carry on working when travelling.

Get your ginger tablets now and stop having to worry about being travel sick. Having these tablets, along with ginger sweets, means you can manage travel or motion sickness effectively without side effects.

Ginger Tablets Specification


    • 90 tablets
    • Each tablet 500mg
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Made in the UK
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