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Power Cable


This power cable means no matter where the electrical socket is when you are travelling you can keep your phone and electricals nearby


Why Do I Recommend This Power Cable?

    • It is 4.5m long so wherever the power socket is I can keep my phone nearby
    • It’s a fast charging cable
    • It is a micro USB cable so I can use it for multi devices
    • The cable is flexible and strong


The Best Power Cable

Everything is on our mobile phones nowadays – it’s so much more than a mobile phone.

That’s why when travelling we need to keep our mobile phones close by.

How many times have you gone into your hotel room only to find that the power socket is across the other side of the room? In the past I have found them under desks, behind curtains, behind cabinets. Unfortunately not every hotel has power sockets right beside the bed.

Generally when I am travelling I am working so I am on call. That means I need my phone close by so that if it rings I can answer it right away. If it’s on the other side of the bedroom I worry that it might not wake me up when it rings. I also worry that it might ring off before I get across the room to answer it. Worrying about the phone going off doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

That is why this power cable has been in my travel kit for the last 5 years or so. I know that no matter where the power socket is in my hotel room that this cable means my phone will end up close by my bed. That means I can sleep better.

Having your phone nearby also means that your alarm is close by and you don’t have to leap up to turn it off first thing. If you are thinking of relying on hotel wake up calls when you travel – don’t! They are very unreliable. I once had a whole group miss breakfast because they didn’t get their early morning wake up call. Now we don’t recommend that guests use them, and if they do it’s at their own risk!

Another of my travel essentials is a sleep app. This helps me get to sleep easier. It’s on my phone of course! Having my phone close by means I can drift off listening to travel tales.

Whatever apps you have on your phone, this power cable will ensure it’s close by you when you travel.

The cable is long – 4.5 metres. It is flexible and strong. I have been rolling up my cable and packing it in my case for 5 years and it is still going fine.

This power cable has a USB connector at one end and a micro USB cable at the other.

Power Cable Specification

    • Length – 4.5m
    • Durable cable designed to bend
    • USB socket at one end
    • Micro USB socket at other end
    • Fast charging
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