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Sleep Mask


This sleep mask is super effective and lightweight. It’s ideal for napping and sleeping wherever you are travelling. It also has a handy carry case.


Why Do I Recommend This Sleep Mask?

  • It’s great value
  • It is really effective
  • It is lightweight and feels comfortable
  • It has a travel bag to protect it


Why Is a Sleep Mask Important When Travelling?

  • It can be difficult to sleep well when travelling due to varying light levels in hotels – this mask deals with that issue.
  • It’s great to help you nap wherever you are.
  • This sleep mask is great for napping and sleeping on planes too.


The Best Sleep Mask for Travelling

Generally when I travel it is for work purposes. That means getting a good night’s sleep is essential. If I don’t sleep well I can’t do my job as well – it’s as simple as that.

If you have spent lots of time in hotels trying to get the curtains to fit better then this sleep mask is for you. I have spent lots of time jamming chairs and tables against the windows. I have also used trouser hangers to join curtains together – all to try and get a better night’s sleep!

I use this sleep mask for grabbing a quick nap when I am travelling. It saves me having to shut all the curtains in the bedroom.

I also use this when I am at home and feel like a quick nap too. Putting it on and it becoming dark seems to help me nap a little easier.

This mask is ideal for trying to sleep when you are flying. It blocks out so much light that even the brightest airplane lights aren’t going to make a difference! It is small enough to fit in a pocket if you don’t like to travel with any hand luggage.

Having a great night’s sleep will ensure you are ready to get the most out of your trip, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  

Best Sleep Mask for Travel – Specification

  • Made from breathable cotton
  • 10cm deep by 20cm wide
  • Bendable nose panel for perfect fit


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