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Travel Fan


This little travel fan is tiny but powerful. It’s also super quiet, can be handheld or stood on a surface. It’s also rechargeable – it’s ideal for travelling


Why Do I Recommend This Travel Fan?

    • It’s great value
    • It is rechargeable so no faff with batteries
    • It is really powerful for it’s size
    • It is adjustable with two speeds
    • You can sit it on a surface, hold it or put it in seat pockets etc
    • It is really compact so you can easily keep it with you
    • It helps avoid travel sickness from overheating


The Best Travel Fan

If you suffer from travel sickness like I do then you know that overheating is one of the easiest ways to start feeling sick.

It can be difficult to get the temperature right, especially if you are travelling on vehicles where air conditioning isn’t standard or effective?

Even airplanes can get ludicrously hot sometimes and before you know it you can be feeling sick and groggy.

This travel fan is so small that is easy to keep with you wherever you are travelling.

I spent a great deal of time on coaches and I simply don’t travel without this. Sitting at the front of a coach with the sun coming through the glass can often be like being in a greenhouse. This fan stops me from feeling sick, which isn’t great when you are being a tour guide!

This fan can sit on a surface by folding the case back or you can tuck into somewhere. I have tucked it into the curtain strap on coaches to help me deal with sun coming through the window. I have also tucked it into the back of seat pockets on planes where it has been too warm.

Despite it’s tiny size this fan is surprisingly powerful which is why I love it so much.

There are two speeds depending on the air flow you prefer.

When not in use this travel fan folds up together protecting the blades.

A mini USB charger means you can charge this easily when travelling too.

This fan is also super quiet meaning you can use it anywhere without disturbing other people. It also means you can use it when you are sleeping if it is too hot where you are.

No matter whether you are travelling by plane, coach, car or anything else you can think of this travel fan is a great piece of travel gear to have with you.

It’s ideal if you are staying in hotels where the temperature can be difficult to get right, or even travelling in a car.

It really helps to prevent travel sickness from overheating and that horrible groggy feeling that seems to linger with travel sickness. It means you can enjoy the journey without worrying if you are going to be sick and you can plan journeys knowing that you don’t have to worry about travel sickness as much anymore.

It also means you can sleep well at night no matter how ineffective or loud the air conditioning is in your hotel room!

Travel Fan Specification

    • Weight – 70g
    • Charging time – 2.5 hours
    • 30db volume – very quiet!
    • Run time on full charge 4-6 hours
    • 3 silicone blades
    • Micro USB charging point


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