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Travel Probiotic

This is the travel probiotic I take if I am travelling somewhere where I think there might be a higher risk of illness such as upset stomachs


Why Do I Recommend This Travel Probiotic?


  • They are good value
  • They are made in the UK


The BestΒ Travel Probiotic

During my travels I have often been in places where food hygiene is a little different. In the early days of travelling to China I remember taking a cruise on the Li River. I watched the cruise boat infront of ours wash all the crockery and cutlery in the river water. We were on an identical boat!

Before the days of HEPA filters on planes I used to take high dose Vitamin C tablets to help ward off any bugs or germs. I used to do this when flying long haul. Sitting in a metal tube with lots of other people was a sure fire way to pick up something.

Later probiotics came along and it’s something I’ve taken often. I generally take them if I am going to somewhere where food hygiene might be a bit different to home.

Travelling for work means there is pressure not to be ill. That’s especially the case when you are the Tour Manager and responsible for the group.

Illness when travelling can be so difficult to deal with. Not only are you missing out on your travel plans, but you are in an unfamiliar place too. If you do need to see a pharmacist or doctor there are different rules and procedures to deal with.

Over my 36 years of travelling with groups I have had people be ill all over the place. On a tour of China one guest found the food so oily and greasy she was sick through the whole trip.

On a river cruise through Russia with 135 people, 40 of them got norovirus which made it a pretty grim trip. Guests were being sick all over the place.

I often have guests miss a day or two on tour because of some sort of upset stomach. That’s frustrating for them when they have travelled so far and made plans.

Taking a travel probiotic makes me feel like I have some added resilience.

Optibac is a UK company and they have a range of probiotics available. They are all vegan.

These probiotic capsules don’t need any refrigeration which is handy when travelling.

I start taking these probiotics at least a week or so before departure. This gives my body a chance to build up a bit of resistance before heading off.

To clarify I don’t take these probiotics every time I travel. I only taken them when I am going somewhere I feel they might be helpful.

Travel Probiotic Specification

  • 90 tablets
  • Vegan
  • Made in the UK
  • 20 billion live cultures
  • Doesn’t need refrigeration
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