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Wired Earphones


Check out these noise cancelling wired earphones. They are a handy backup when travelling and can be used when Bluetooth ones cannot


Why Do I Recommend Wired Earphones?

  • They are good value
  • The sound is good
  • They have a microphone for making calls
  • They are noise cancelling


The Best Wired Earphones


Wired earphones are great to have when travelling. They are a backup in case your bluetooth earphones or earbuds run out of battery.

They are also great to have in case you are flying with an airline that doesn’t allow bluetooth devices. In the event of an all instrument landing the airline will make everyone turn off bluetooth devices.

If you are a nervous flyer, like me, then having something to listen to is an essential part of dealing with flying. The thought of having to take off or land without some calming music is pretty stressful! That’s why I always have these wired earphones as a backup in my hand luggage. That way I don’t have that feeling of panic that my bluetooth battery might die mid flight.

Wired earphones are also handy when travelling if you don’t have easy access to charging. There are so many electrical things that need charging when we travel!

Taking a travel adapter that is also an extension socket is one way to maximise charging.

These wired earphones have a good quality sound. The bass is quite rich.

They are earbud style earphones so they are comfortable to wear. The noise loss from them isn’t a great deal. That means you can wear them on a train or bus and not annoy your fellow travellers. There is a controller on the lead which you can use to answer or refect phone calls. You can also pause or play songs and skip forward or backwards.

This is ideal for travelling where you might have your phone tucked somewhere else.

The connector is a standard headphone connector socket. This means these wired earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices.

They come with an 18 month warranty which is handy and great reassurance. You scan the QR code to register your earphones.

There are also some silicone covers for the earphones. The earphones have a magnetic back to them which means they will stick together. Handy for ensuring the lead doesn’t become tangled and it helps prevent damage to them.

These wired earphones are also noise cancelling. This is helpful when travelling as it blocks out some of the background noise. I find this very helpful for helping with flying. It also makes travelling less tiring.


Wired Earphone Specification

  • Noise cancelling
  • Magnetic backs to keep earbuds together
  • Lead to junction of earbuds 87 cm long or 64 inches
  • Lenth of lead to each earbud 33cm or 13 inches
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