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Silicone Ear Plugs – A Travel Essential for Great Sleep

silicone ear plugs

Looking for silicone ear plugs?

Check out these ones which fit over your ear rather than going in your ear.

Why Do I Recommend These Silicone Ear Plugs?

  • They fit over the entrance to the ear- not in the ear so they are more comfortable
  • No risk of damage to the ear canal
  • No risk of pushing wax down into the ear
  • They don’t fall out during the night

7 pairs of silicone ear plugs for under £4 including free delivery – get yours now!

Are Silicone Ear Plugs the Best?

These silicone earplugs are the best in my experience. They go over the outer ear rather than in the ear. This means they don’t push any ear wax down into the ear. There is less risk of them damaging the ear canal. There is no feeling of anything in your ear so they are more comfortable, especially for sleeping.

As a Tour Manager I have come to appreciate and need my sleep much more over the years as I grow a bit older. Gone are the days when I could party all night, nip back for a shower and then go out on tour for the day!

Now one of my travel essentials are silicone earplugs because hotels can be surprisingly noisy places.

Noise can be caused by other guests, many of whom seem incapable of shutting a door quietly or insist on having loud conversations in the corridor. Noise can also be caused by nearby buildings, streets, function rooms and much more besides.

Tour Managers and drivers are often allocated rooms that hotels wouldn’t normally give to guests. These can be staff rooms, small rooms, noisy rooms, rooms located next to the kitchens, laundry etc. Whilst I understand this rationale I still find it infuriating when I am trying to get to sleep at night and can’t because of noise and disturbance.

Over the years I have moved rooms many times because of noise and I always request a quiet room whether travelling on my own or whether travelling for work. 

Having a good night’s sleep is generally good whether you are travelling for work or leisure. In a hotel guest complaints survey noise was the 2nd most complained about problem experienced in hotels.

Can You Sleep with Silicone Ear Plugs?

With these silicone ear plugs you can sleep easily. They don’t fall out of the ear as they go over the entrance to the ear rather than in the ear.

silicone ear plugs post

Travel Earplugs I Have Tried!

Which is Better Foam or Silicone Ear Plugs?

In my experience, and I have tried lots of earplugs, silicone is better. Foam ear plugs put pressure on the ear canal which can feel uncomfortable. They also often fall out during the night. Depending on the size of your ear canal they can be difficult to get in position. My recommended silicone ear plugs actually cover the entrance to the ear.

I have tried all sorts of travel earplugs during my time travelling. I used the foam ones that you squish down and they pop out in your ear but these often fell out in the night. This meant my first job in the morning was to get up and search the bed for them, or just buy lots of them because I knew they would disappear.

I have also tried the Bluetooth headband which is very comfortable and great for listening to a meditation app but not ideal for all night use.

Finally, after much experimentation someone, who is a member of a gun club which requires ear plugs, suggested the ones that you squish into your ear. After a bit of searching I found them at an airport shop and tried them out whilst away on a training course.

They were amazing. In fact they were so good I was worried I wouldn’t wake up at all!

The earplugs for sleeping I have are silicone and rather than going into the ear canal, which I was never keen on because I suffer from vertigo, they squish over the opening of the ear.

They give a much better result and block out much more noise.

The only issue with them is if you have longer hair. Sometimes it gets stuck in the gel and you have to pull it out of the gel in the morning. Other than that they are great and I know take them with me wherever I travel.

They really are an essential bit of travel gear for me.

I am sharing the earplugs for sleeping that I have got, use and travel with – silicone gel ear plugs.

Let me know how you get on with them if you try them out or if you have any other earplugs that you would recommend.

How Long Can You Use Silicone Ear Plugs For?

Generally anywhere between 10 and 20 uses. The main issue is that they can get hair caught in them which is tricky to remove. However, if you don’t have this issue you can keep on using them forever!

Silicone Ear Plugs – Specification

  • 7 pairs of ear plugs
  • 14 ear plugs in total
  • Made from silicone

Silicone Ear Plugs – Price

7 pairs of silicone ear plugs for under £4 including free delivery – get yours now!

Silicone Ear Plugs Pros and Cons


  • These earplugs fit over the entrance to your ear reducing risk of ear damage
  • They won’t push wax further down into your ear
  • They are ideal if you suffer from vertigo type illnesses as they don’t go in the ear
  • They don’t fall out during the night
  • They are more comfortable than earplugs that go inside your ear


  • They can catch your hair which can sometimes be a bit painful when you are trying to take them off

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