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9 Memorable and Fun Things to Do in Valencia 🇪🇸

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Are you planning a visit to Valencia?

It’s an amazing city that is well worth it. It is easy to explore, friendly and welcoming, with great food and drink.

There are some great things to do in Valencia, everything from a crazy Spring festival to stunning architecture.

Check out my top 9 things to do in Valencia. Enjoy!

Things to Do in Valencia

Is Valencia a Walkable City?

Valencia is a very walkable city. It has the largest urban park in Spain which is popular with tourists and locals alike. The park connects the old town with the arts and sciences district. It is also easy to explore on a bike and there is a great metro system when your feet get tired.

1. See the Fallas Festival

If you want to visit the Fallas Festival you need to go in Spring. Hotel prices can be quite high so you may need to book early or perhaps stay a little further afield. The Fallas Festival is a crazy celebration of the Spring festival. Communities from all over Valencia spend months making absolutely huge papier-mache sculptures. Each of the sculptures has a meaning – it could be highlighting a social issue like inequality, food standards, or community life.

In the week before the festival parade, there is a daily gunpowder competition in the main square of Valencia. Competing teams are given the same amount of gunpowder and they have to try and create the loudest noise. The loudest wins!

If you do want to visit the gunpowder competition then get there good time. People start lining up their chairs in the morning for the competition which is around lunchtime. If you are attending ear defenders might be a good idea – apparently, lots of people get permanent hearing damage from going!

The Fallas Festival takes place around the second week of March each year.

Check the Valencia tourism board website for more details.

Each year one figure from the parade is saved and kept in the Fallas Museum.

This video gives you an overview of the crazy festival that welcomes Spring.

Things to Do in Valencia

2. Visit the Fallas Museum

This museum is where all the figures that have been chosen by Valencians to be kept each year end up. The museum tells the complete story of the Fallas festival. Although the figures themselves can seem quite large when you see the structures they were part of you will realise they were actually very small.

The Fallas Museum is a really interesting insight into the social history of Valencia. Each of the figures tells a story. These stories relate to all sorts of issues affecting people and communities. There is everything from traditional culture disappearing, to loneliness.

The figures are explained really well and there is also a display of costumes from the Queens of the Valencian Fallas Festival, who are chosen by a vote each year.

The Fallas Museum really is worthwhile visit and entry is extremely reasonable too.

Find out more about the Fallas Museum on Tripadvisor.

valencia city break things to do
things to do in valencia turia gardens

Things to Do in Valencia

3. Explore the Gorgeous Turia Gardens

Turia Gardens is the largest urban park in the whole of Spain. It’s a massive 9km long and it wraps itself around the old city centre.

The park is made from what was an old riverbed. The river was diverted due to flooding. The result is a fantastic park that is full of lovely garden features. There are sports areas, running tracks, walking tracks, water gardens, and flower gardens. The scenery is ever-changing.

Walking through the park is a great way to see local life and it’s also a great way to get around the city too.

It is easy to walk much further than you expected in Valencia!

Learn more about the Turia Gardens on Tripadvisor

Things to Do in Valencia

4. Visit the Amazing City of Arts and Sciences

This city is a group of 6 amazing buildings grouped together. You could easily spend your whole time just in this one area of Valencia.

Here are each of the buildings;

The Hemispheric is an amazing arched building made with glass and steel. Inside there is an IMAX cinema where you can enjoy a great cinematic experience.

The Museum of Sciences is full of interactive exhibits and science shows.

The Oceanographic Institute is the largest aquarium in Europe. It also has an underwater restaurant.

The Palace of Arts is a theatre used for music, opera, and other performances.

The Umbracle is a lovely garden area that is great to walk through. The plants are typical of the season. It’s actually the top of an underground car park with a capacity for 1600 vehicles underneath the plants!

The Agora is a meetings and conventions space for exchanging knowledge.

Even if you don’t want to visit any of the attractions or activities in the City of Arts and Sciences it is worth taking a walk through the area just to enjoy the architecture.

Things to Do in Valencia

5. Check out the Gorgeous Central Market

If you enjoy discovering local food then you really want to check out the gorgeous central market, located in the old town of Valencia.

It’s packed full of local produce with plenty of things you can pick up and take away. There are also lots of little cafes in and around the market where you can find great food at great prices.

Learn more about the Central Market on Tripadvisor

Things to Do in Valencia

6. Enjoy Some Amazing Fresh Orange Juice

It’s been 3 years since I was in Valencia and I still remember the amazing taste of the fresh orange juice I enjoyed there. Valencia is famed for its oranges and rightly so. The only problem with trying Valencian orange juice is that most other orange juices won’t be as good!

If you really want the full orange experience why not visit an orange farm and do a proper tasting!

Things to Do in Valencia

7. Experience Flamenco

Flamenco is such an important part of Spanish culture. The music and movements are full of meaning. It is said you have had to experience life to become a Flamenco dancer, otherwise, you can’t convey the emotion of the dance.

Valencia is a great place to experience Flamenco and there are plenty of options available, some with meals and some just pure flamenco.

Things to Do in Valencia

8. Visit the Old Silk Exchange

This building, set in the old city, is just lovely to explore. There are orange trees in the courtyard, wonderful ceilings, and some amazing architectural details to enjoy such as carvings around the entrance door.

If you do go the audioguide is essential. It will help you see the little details that you might miss, including the bats in the city crest and their meanings.

Entry to the Silk Exchange is free. Check out the opening times here.

Why not combine it with a visit to the market hall which is nearby and lunch in the old city?

Find out more about the Silk Exchange on Tripadvisor

Things to Do in Valencia

9. Take a Guided Tour

Exploring a city with a guide is a great way to understand so much more about the buildings, the history, and of course the culture. It’s also a great way to meet a local person!

There are all sorts of guided tour options available including a downloadable audio guide so you can explore on your own but get all the information too.

Things to Do in Valencia – Conclusion

  • Valencia is such a great city to explore with the largest urban park in Spain.
  • There are quirky museums and great attractions along with fab food and drink activities.
  • Walking is a fabulous way to find great little spots as you stroll and the metro is a great way to explore a little further, or when you get too tired to walk!

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