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Travel Cheap Tips – How To Smash Your Budget & Do Even More

Are You?

  • Someone that loves to travel?
  • Love a travel bargain and discovering new places?
  • Hotel rather than hostel?
  • Mid range rather than really budget?
  • Flexible about how you travel depending on the destination?
  • Travelling without kids or a young family now?

We sound very similar!

I’ve been travelling professionally for over 30 years and during that time I’ve picked up a few tricks which I am sharing with you.

Making the most of my travel budget means I can travel more!

When I talk about how I travel cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I do cheap travel. I don’t do hostels, hitchhiking, couchsurfing or things like that. It means I like to travel well but for the lowest price possible!

So let me help you to see more of the world too, for less

You don’t have to be rich to travel well

Eugene fodor

Travel Cheap – Money Saving Resources For You!

Cheap Hotels Booking

Saving money on hotels is a great way to stretch your travel budget to the max.

Check out my detailed guide to finding the best cheap hotel deals and really bag a bargain.

Cheap Flights To Anywhere

Finding a cheap flight can help you smash your travel budget.

I’ve got some great tips to finding fab deals and also finding new destinations to discover and trip ideas.

Upgrade The Airport

Find the cheapest way for you to access an airport lounge and upgrade your airport and flying experience!

This is one of my favourite ways to travel cheap but actually enjoy a bit of luxury.

Travel Essentials

All the gear you need, none of the fluff you don’t

My Electrical Travel Essential

The best ear plugs for a great night’s sleep

More essentials coming soon!

Travel Money

How to find the best travel money deals and get the max value for your budget

Self Catering

How to have a great self catering holiday experience plus tips for travelling with dogs

Self catering can be a great way to travel cheap and get a different experience to staying in a hotel


I Love to Travel Cheap by Scoring a Bargain!

My list of places to visit just keeps getting longer and to see as many places as possible I work hard to stretch my budget as much as possible.

Using my cheap flight hacks I look for cheap flight routes and this often gives me inspiration for a new trip.

Before lockdown I knew I wanted to visit Azerbaijan and by using some reverse searching I found a cheap flight from Istanbul so I put together a week long trip to both places. I flew from Inverness to Istanbul, stayed in Istanbul 4 nights, flew from Istanbul to Baku, stayed for 3 nights and came home. The total cost including flights was under £500. If you look for a flight to Azerbaijan from London it will generally be around £300.

I’ve just put together another trip to Seville, Cordoba and Granada. By travelling a bit out of season, and playing around with dates, plus flying back from a cheaper airport I’ve managed a 7 night trip for two of us, including flights from Inverness for under £500.

Making your money stretch further can mean you can see more world for less.

Clever searching and planning can also mean you can visit exciting places and plan interesting itineraries.

I’m currently planning a trip to Rajasthan and have found a super cheap route from Dubai to Delhi. That sounds like a great trip combo! (When I say super cheap it’s under £40, plus there are super cheap flights from Bucharest to Dubai!).

Travel Cheap not Cheap Travel

Having worked in travel all my life I have been somewhat spoiled so I like my home comforts. That means definitely my own bathroom, a nice comfy bed and staying somewhere that has great reviews.

Camping and hostels is not for me.

Finding great hotels at great prices is definitely my thing and my cheap hotel tips will show you how to do the same. What’s not to love about a great hotel at a really great price!


aldous huxley

Travel Cheap Tips;

So here are some easy ways to save some money when travelling, without sacrificing comfort or having a great experience or missing out. Infact I would argue that some of these tips involve have a more local experience so add to the trip rather than detract from it.

I have never stayed in hostels and while some of them look lovely I am definitely a hotel kind of girl.

Public Transportation

This is my favourite way to travel cheap when I am visiting somewhere, not only because it is often the cheapest way to travel but also because it is how the locals travel. Travelling on public transport gives a glimpse into daily life and helps you to understand a bit more about the place you are visiting.

A couple of examples;

There are public transport buses that link Istanbul Airports with Istanbul Taksim Square. These are really cheap, just a few pounds for a bus service that takes around 1 hour. On the bus I was able to see that all the locals just hit the wifi and spend the whole time staring at the screens, leaving me as the only person looking out of the window!

In Baku I used a Baki Card. This enabled me to travel all around Baku on the buses and underground system for a few pounds over the course of several days. It was a very cheap way to travel. I also got to see the locals and listen in to their language, which although I found unpenetrable, was still interesting to hear. I also discovered the underground markets in the underpasses!

Street Food

I love street food, food markets and food malls. Here are a few examples;

In Singapore the Hawker centres offer a variety of street food which can be eaten sitting at tables outside. The food quality is great and there is a great deal of variety.

Food markets are one of my favourite places to not only explore what the locals eat and buy, but also to enjoy some tasty street food right in the market at either the street food stalls inside or around the market. The food is usually excellent and a bit cheaper than you might find in a restaurant. Taking local food finds back to my accommodation means I can enjoy a fab in room buffet as well when I have had enough exploring. I know look for accommodation that is near to markets.

Some places have food malls where you can find a variety of food outlets and eat at the central communal tables. My favourite of these were in Australia where they had every type of food you could think of including Chinese and Indian. You simply selected your dishes from one or several food outlets and then grabbed a table to enjoy your meal. They often used china plates and real cutlery making it a better choice than somewhere that used takeaway containers. These food malls were a great way to get a quick and cheap lunch or dinner – ideal if you are busy sightseeing or working!

Museums – Free or Generally Great Value

I love a museum and there are so many free museums around the world. Even if you have to pay museums generally offer good value. Here are a couple of favourites;

The Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour is amazing. I spent a happy 5 hours in there, so long infact that I didn’t realise the time and nearly missed an evening event with my guests. Thankfully the hotel was nearby. Even though it is $25 dollars to visit that’s only $5 per hour so it’s still good value.

Guests visiting London love the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum – all of which are free. They often spend much longer than they anticipated in the museums because there really is so much to see.

York Castle Museum – I absolutely love this museum and have recommended it to all my guests when visiting York, several of whom have come back as enthused as me and have also spent 5 or 6 hours in the museum. It has a bit of everything in it so there is plenty of variety, plus a lovely little cafe if you fancy a cuppa after all the history too.

There are museums wherever you go in the world so there will always be something to see.

Extra Tip;

Often you can find tours running during the day at museums. These can be a great way to get some more insight into a particular theme or area. I really enjoy these tours as a chance to delve a little deeper.

Free Walking Tours

I am going to make special mention of these as many money saving guides mention them as a way to save money i.e. to do a walking tour for free. Of course that is exactly how they are marketed.

However, the guide leading the tour will be getting a low rate of pay for leading the tour so they will be hoping for some tips. As such it’s unfair on them to expect to pay nothing for the tour so you should always budget something as a tip.

They will have put a lot of work into guiding and researching all they can so they can answer your questions.

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