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This Great Travel Document Holder Will Keep You Organised

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Are you looking for a great travel document holder?

This one has room for multiple passports/documents, money, cards, pen holder & phone pocket!

What is a travel document holder?

A travel document holder is generally a large wallet or purse. It generally holds passports, travel money, flight and travel tickets amongst other things. It keeps important travel documents together.

Why Do I Recommend This Travel Document Holder?

  • It is compact yet spacious
  • There are multiple spaces so it can contain everything
  • There is an outer pouch – ideal for a mobile phone
  • It is waterproof

Currently £8.49 with free Prime delivery ? why not get yours now?

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The Best Travel Document Holder

Keeping travel documents and items together makes travelling less stressful. There is nothing worse than getting to an airport gate and being unable to find your boarding pass. It’s also important to keep all your documents together.

When travelling it is easy to misplace important documents. I cannot tell you how many guests I have had over the years ‘lose’ their documents or cards. They have been very stressed and worried about them. Most of the time the documents or cards were not lost at all. They were somewhere different from normal or unexpected.

Two guests spent a whole day on tour in their room going through all their luggage. They had accused the hotel staff of stealing their passports. Later in the day, they found them tucked inside a pocket they never used in the main case.

That’s why a travel document holder can be so handy. Everything is together in one place. You can pop the document holder into a compartment in your case and know that everything is secure.

This document holder is ideal when going through airports. It makes getting to your boarding cards, visas and passports quick and easy.

It also works as a great little travel purse. If, like me, you don’t like to a handbag or large wallet this little bag is easy to keep everything with you.

If you are on a budget flight such as Ryanair where there are no seat pockets then it’s great. There is enough space for earbuds, chewing gum, keys, cash, a pen and a notebook for example.

Even if you are on a flight with seat pockets, having this travel document holder means you keep everything together. No passports left on planes – I can’t tell you how many times that my guests have done that over the years.

If you do plan on using a safe, either at the reception desk or in your room when you are travelling, this document holder is also helpful. Safes can often be in difficult to access positions, which makes it difficult to see inside. That makes it easy for a passport to get left behind, especially as they are often so dark inside too. Many guests have done that and it has been a complete pain getting the passport back. Some hotels won’t post a passport so it has to be collected by a courier. When you are travelling it can be difficult to coordinate the arrival of the passport with your travel destinations too. This document holder means you can keep all your documents together in the safe. When you take it out you know that you have everything with you. The same applies if you keep documents in a hotel safe at reception.

The waterproof material means this document holder will resist stains easier. It is also very lightweight.

It comes in grey, black, blue, brown and pink so there is a colour to suit your needs.

Travel Document Holder – Specification

  • 5 large pockets
  • 1 small zipped pocket – ideal for coins
  • 6 smaller pockets – ideal for cards
  • 1 full-length zipped pocket
  • 1 pen holder
  • Carry handle
  • 23cm or 9 inches long
  • 15cm or 6 inches wide

Travel Document Holder Price

Currently £8.49 with free Prime delivery – why not get yours now?

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