Travel During Covid19

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Things To Consider Before Booking Travel During Covid19

Travel During Covid19

Here is a quick video which runs through the things that I think we need to consider before booking any travel during Covid19.

There is a lot to think about.

Travelling during Covid19 means knowing about the airport restrictions – some airports are requiring tests, some are restricting access to certain times before flights, some are requiring ticketless travel and self check in for luggage.

Covid19 restrictions for airlines also mean that some flights don’t have any refreshments served during the flight, there are different rules for seating and some airlines are doing temperature checks, whilst most require a face mask to be worn.

Then of course you need to know about the country you are travelling to, and as countries start bringing in regional restrictions and tiers you need to know about the requirements of the area you are flying to as well.

If you are staying in a hotel or resort some of the facilities may be reduced or closed. Many hotels and resorts are not cleaning rooms inbetween guests, with some removing or reducing in room facilities and even furniture to make cleaning easier.

Covid19 restrictions may mean there are less or no tour options available while you are away, or restrictions on dining to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Travel insurance in relation to Covid19 needs clarification before travel. Is cover provided for whenever you got Covid19, even if you could have caught it in the UK before you travelled? In the event of an infection what will the travel insurance pay for? In the event of the country being put on the quarantine list while you are away, having not been before you travelled – are you covered or not?

Then of course there is consideration about restrictions returning to the UK. Now each part of the UK has different tiers and requirements what are the requirements for where you live for the country you visited? This is now much more complex than it initially was with different parts of the UK having different requirements for quarantine.

There are some other interesting developments in relation to Covid19 and travel. Some resorts and destinations are offering isolation including room and board free of charge if anyone does have to self isolate while on holiday. Turkey has pioneered this approach making some of the larger hotels have Covid19 wings to accommodate isolating travellers, with all the costs being covered by the country rather than the individual or requiring a holiday insurance claim.

How are you feeling about travelling during Covid19 – are you tempted, put off, planning to leave it until later?

Covid19 Changing Travel

Covi19 has changed travelling quite a bit.

Overall demand has been reduced but as people have started travelling again there has been a big increase in self catering type travel, rather than hotel stays. the largest booking portal is now seeing 40% of their bookings move from hotels to self contained accommodation.

There has also been a move to smaller groups in coach holidays and group travel. This is a trend I think we will see continue into 2021.

Trafalgar Travel has introduced special team members who are responsible for ensuring everyone complies with Covid19 guidelines while travelling. This is in addition to the Tour Manager and drivers that will also be accompanying the group.

Smaller ship cruising also seems to be the more popular option as opposed to larger ship cruising, and bookings seem to be increasing for these smaller ships rather than the bigger ships.

How has Covid19 changed your travel?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Do you agree or disagree with the points in my video?

Is there something I have missed out?

I really would love to hear your thoughts.

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