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Travel Hacks – Travel Smarter & Better

Oooh I love a good hack – whether it is how to fold clothes to a bit of kit that is really useful.

If you enter a search for travel hacks you will be met with long lists of all sorts of things – everything from turning left at security instead of right to avoid the queues, to how to travel for free by couchsurfing and much more.

Whilst I love a good travel and I could spend hours reading about the latest bits of travel tech and luggage my favourite travel hacks tend to be around things that make travelling a bit easier and more comfortable.

Over the years I have tried all sorts of luggage, bags to organise my work stuff and I think I have tried every single device to try and help you sleep more comfortably on a plane (and still failed miserably!).

However, as years have gone by I have learned that less is more when it comes to travelling, so one of the best travel hacks is knowing what you don’t need as well as what you do (yes I will be covering that in the future too!)

Whilst having good travel gear and gadgets can be really helpful on a trip, my top 10 list of travel essentials actually only contains one app! You may be surprised by the contents but it is based on the most common problems that I see guests experience when taking them on tours all over the world. Why not check it out here.

As I said my favourite travel hacks are about making travel a little easier – think of them as insider secrets or shortcuts.

One of my favourite little hacks is a plane seat hack. It’s very simple but it can make all the difference when flying, particularly on longer haul flights. It also makes you a very considerate fellow passenger.

I have got plenty more travel hacks coming including my favourite packing hacks. I will be covering how to fold things so they travel without creasing and how to pack things more easily to make moving around a doddle.

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