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10 Top 2023 Travel Trends You Need to Know About

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2023 looks like it is going to be an even busier year than 2022 for travel.

Here are some of the 2023 travel trends to look forward to.


1. 2023 Travel Trends – Value-Driven Travel

Given the cost of living crisis, it’s no surprise that value-driven travel is going to be much more important in 2023. Surveys show that people are generally planning to travel the same amount as previously, with many travellers saying they plan to travel more. However, they are looking for greater value from their travel spending.

All-inclusive bookings are on the increase and there is a shift towards 3-star hotels rather than 4-star stays. Travellers will also be looking at the costs of flights in terms of paying for seating, luggage and meals to try and find the best overall deal.

In terms of travel destinations travellers are looking for destinations that offer greater value for their travel spending – Croatia and Albania are proving popular for shorter-haul trips. Mexico is also proving popular for a longer-haul spot.

2. 2023 Travel Trends – Premium Economy

Having a more comfortable flight without the huge price tag of business class is a trend that looks set to stay, so expect increased capacity in this seating class. Whilst this may seem a contradiction to value based travel if you think of this trend in terms of value to the overall experience it explains its continued growth.

If you arrive at your holiday destination stressed and tired after an uncomfortable flight it is likely to affect the start and end of your holiday, so a bit of spending to prevent this is worth it.

3. Longer Haul Making a Comeback

As Covid19 travel restrictions recede travellers are looking at longer-haul destinations once again. Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific are all getting much more interest from travellers.

Many travellers feel more confident about booking longer haul now, without the worries of borders being closed and restrictions changing as they had done before.

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Photo of prop mid flight on Loganair coming back from Shetland 2022

4. 2023 Travel Trends – Short Haul Still Popular

Short-haul destinations are still popular with travellers from the UK preferring beach breaks, city breaks and family visits when travelling short haul. Paris and Barcelona are still proving popular but travellers are looking for less visited destinations. They are looking for more authentic experiences and also more unusual experiences too. They want to do something different and memorable.

5. 2023 Travel Trends – Digital Nomads

Many countries have introduced digital nomad visas to enable people to travel and work more easily. Countries that have introduced schemes include Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, The Netherlands, Norway and Spain.

Some of these schemes have income requirements. Expect to see more people combining working with leisure and also some digital nomads travelling to save on the cost of living.

6. 2023 Travel Trends – Supersonic

With Boom ordering new supersonic jets it looks like supersonic is going to be a thing in the not too distant future. Imagine all those longer-haul destinations suddenly becoming short or mid-haul instead. That could really change the shape of travel. Whilst this isn’t happening in 2023 it’s still an exciting trend!

wildlife travel trends the professional traveller
Puffin building its nest at Sumburgh in Shetland 2022

7. 2023 Travel Trends – Nature & Wildlife

Travel is becoming more and more about experiences and included in that are nature and wildlife experiences. Whether it is getting away from it all and staying somewhere more rural, or travelling to places to experience wildlife and nature expect more of it in 2023.

8. 2023 Travel Trends – TV Inspired Travel

TV continues to inspire travel destinations and this trend looks set to continue in 2023. What a great opportunity for destinations to build on the back of the film or TV series they have been featured in.

9. 2023 Travel Trends – Solo Travellers

Predictions are that 25% of travellers in 2023 are going to be solo travellers. They are going to be focussed on following their own interests. Unlike digital nomads solo travellers are not looking to combine travel with work. Expect to see an increase in sites and apps that help travellers meet other travellers to experience trips or activities together. Also, expect to see a decrease in single supplements!

10. Staffing Shortages

As tourism continues to grow back to pre-2020 levels the staff shortages in the industry look set to remain. With many people leaving the industry for more certainty shortages will continue. Some companies are now bringing in pay rises to attract new recruits. 2023 looks set to be busier than 2022 and with cruise ships returning to full capacity, there are going to be even more demands on local services, guides, drivers etc.

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