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What is the Currency Used in Invergordon Scotland? It’s the £

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If you are wondering ‘what is the currency used in Invergordon Scotland’ – then

The currency used in Invergordon Scotland is British pounds sterling.

You also have the option to pay in Euros or Dollars at some stores.

Most shops and businesses take contactless payment, allowing you to use your card.

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What is the Currency Used in Invergordon Scotland?

British pounds sterling is the currency used in Invergordon, as it is throughout the rest of the UK.

Scotland has three banks which issue currency in Scotland. That gives Scottish banknotes a different appearance to English banknotes.

Scottish banknotes feature notable Scottish people and scenery.

  • All £5 notes in Scotland are coloured blue.
  • All £10 notes in Scotland are brown coloured.
  • All £20 notes in Scotland are purple coloured.
  • All £50 notes in Scotland are coloured red.
  • All £100 notes in Scotland are turquoise coloured.

All Scottish banknotes have a picture of Sir Walter Scott on them because he campaigned for Scotland to have the right to issue its currency.

Current bank notes depict – Brig O’Doon, The Glenfinnan Viaduct, The Forth Bridge, The Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel, Sir Walter Scott and Fiona Murray.

what is the currency used in invergordon scotland

Paying For Things in Invergordon Scotland

Some businesses allow you to use other currency to pay for purchases in Invergordon.

Nickel and Dime – one of the businesses on the High Street does this.

As always you should check the exchange rate if using your own currency to pay for things. It can work out an expensive way to pay for things.

Making Card Payments in Invergordon

Whenever you are travelling it is helpful to know a bit about your bank account charges for foreign transactions before you leave.

This can help you decide whether to pay in the local currency or your own currency.

9 times out of 10 it will be cheaper to pay in the local currency of the country you are visiting.

When checking with your bank be careful of the small print and always check the actual rates for yourself.

Some banks might say they don’t charge a fee for making transactions in other currencies, but they may charge a higher exchange rate making the transaction more expensive overall than paying a flat fee.

Shopping in Invergordon

There is a small selection of shops in Invergordon. You can find;

Merchandise from the Stoltman Brothers – the strongest brothers in the World!

Locally made products and crafts at Tanstar Gifts

Colourful and cheery art based around Scottish themes and wildlife at Mike Ross Arts

Irn Bu, Caramel Wafers and Tunnocks teacakes available at The Co-Operative and sometimes Farmfoods

If you want more details of what’s available locally then check out my post Shopping in Invergordon with more details.

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