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The Best Hanging Wash Bag – Ideal for Frequent Travellers

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Looking for a hanging wash bag?

This one is great, it’s durable and great value too.

Is A Hanging Toiletry Bag Worth It?

Yes it is. This travel essential will save you lots of packing and unpacking time. It also keeps your toiletries away from harsh cleaning chemicals in hotel bathrooms.

Why Do I Recommend This Hanging Wash Bag?

  • It’s great value
  • I’ve been using mine for 2 years and still going strong
  • No need to pack or unpack – just hang up
  • Keeps bathroom counter space clear
  • Avoids toiletries coming into contact with bathroom cleaning chemicals

Available for £9 including delivery – get your hanging wash bag now

Why Do I Like a Hanging Wash Bag?

They are super handy when travelling.

Read on for why it’s one of my Travel Essentials and for my recommended option.

Yes, a hanging wash bag or hanging toiletry bag is worth it. Here are the main advantages of a hanging wash bag;

  • Keeps all your toiletries safe and secure when travelling.
  • Toiletries are all organised with no need to pack and unpack during your stay.
  • Keeps your belongings, like your toothbrush, off the counter. This avoids contamination with cleaning products.
  • Protects your products when travelling by zipping or folding up.
  • Leaves bathroom counter space free of clutter.
  • Has compartments to make organising toiletries easy and straightforward.
  • Hangs from hook, shower rail or handle.
  • Waterproofing protects luggage from any leaks or spillages when travelling.
  • Pouches for keeping tablets or medical supplies organised.
  • Zipped compartments to keep smaller items secure.
  • Elastic holders to keep small bottles of toiletries in place.
  • Easy clean material to ensure everything hygienic.

Recommended Hanging Wash Bag

Check out all the details on my recommended hanging wash bag – it’s what I travel with and it’s also a great price.

Do you like to spend time travelling rather than packing and unpacking?

If so you need a hanging wash bag.

  • It’s a super quick and easy way to keep all your toiletries organised.
  • There is no need to pack or unpack them. All you need to do is hang your wash bag from a hook, handle or rail and everything is right to hand.
  • My recommended hanging wash bag has plenty of pockets to keep everything organised. This means you can find everything you need when you need it.
  • The small pouches are ideal for keeping strips and packets of tablets in.
  • The zipped compartments are great for keeping small items such as nail files.
  • Elasticated straps keep toiletry bottles in place. This means you can grab the right bottle each time you go to the bag because it’s in the same place!
  • Having separate compartments in the wash bag means less risk of damage in case of leaks.
  • The hanging hook is sturdy with a rubber tip. This ensures you don’t scrape or damage whatever you are hanging it on.
  • One of the best things about a hanging wash bag is it keeps all the toiletries off the bathroom counter. This means no contamination from cleaning products. No bleach near your toothbrush! It also makes life much easier for the cleaners.
  • When it is time to go all you need to do is zip up and put in your case.

Hanging Wash Bag – Specification

  • 18cm or 7 inches wide
  • 8cm or 3 inches deep
  • 25cm or 10 inches long
  • One zipper with 2 zips
  • 1 metal hanging hook with rubber tip
  • Small zipped pouch in hook strap

Upper Compartment

  • One full-length zipped compartment
  • 3 mesh pouches

Main Compartment

  • Two elastic retaining straps – 1/3rd and 2/3rds length
  • Half mesh panel and half waterproof material covering the main compartment

Recommended Hanging Wash Bag – Price

At just £8.99 including delivery, this hanging wash bag is great value too.

There are multiple designs and colours to choose from.

Recommended by the Professional Traveller

I have been using this hanging wash bag for 2 years now. It is still in great condition. I leave it packed and just throw it into my case when I am packing for my next trip.

Get your hanging wash bag now!

The biggest decision you will have to make is what colour to choose.

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