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This Great Travel Adapter Is The Only One You Need

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Are you looking for a great travel adapter?

This adapter not only fits multi-power sockets when travelling it also has 4 USB charging ports on it!

Which travel adapter is best?

A great travel adapter will be able to connect to any electrical socket in the world. It should also be compact. Ideally, you can connect several devices to one travel adapter. It should also be compact.

Why Do I Recommend This Travel Adapter?

  • It fits power sockets anywhere in the world
  • It’s super compact
  • It comes with a handy travel bag
  • It has 4 USB sockets

Currently £15.97 and free Prime delivery? why not get yours now?

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The Best Travel Adapter

This adapter is a multi-power socket and travel adapter in one, which is very handy and convenient.

It has a smart chip inside it. That means it knows when it has something connected to it and when that something needs charging. That’s great for the battery life of your devices.

Not only that you can charge 4 things at the same time with the multi-USB sockets. This means this one travel adapter is likely to cover all your power needs when travelling too.

A handy travel bag means you can keep the adapter protected when travelling. You can also keep the plug sockets not in use altogether.

For your next trip, all you need to do is to grab the little bag and throw it in your case. You will have everything you need to get power no matter what country you are in, and you will be able to charge all your devices too!

This adapter also has a UK socket, which means you can use it at home when you are not travelling. Another handy feature!

It saves you from having to have different travel adapters. You don’t need separate adapters depending on whether you are going to the EU, the US or anywhere else. This one adapter covers everywhere.

Travel adapters are one of those things that you need when travelling. They are often overlooked or forgotten by travellers. Any large hotel that has overseas guests will usually have a stash of travel adapters as a result.

Not having a travel adapter can be very inconvenient. We travel with lots of electrical equipment now and it all needs charging.

You might think that it is easy to buy adapter sockets when you are travelling. It often isn’t. I have had many US guests forget to bring a travel adapter with them and be unable to buy one when they get to the UK. Often travel sockets are for sale at airports but not in regular high street shops. As a Tour Manager, I often carried spare adapter sockets with me because of the problems guests experienced trying to buy them when they arrived.

This adapter pairs very well with my recommended power cable. It’s a 4.5m long power cable so no matter where the power socket is in your hotel room your phone, tablet or computer can be close by.

Travel Adapter Specification

  • UK adapter socket
  • US adapter socket
  • EU adapter socket
  • Australia adapter socket
  • 4 x USB A sockets
  • Smart chip to deliver optimal charging
  • Travel bag included

Travel Adapter Price

Currently £15.97 and free Prime delivery? why not get yours now?

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