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Coach Holiday Seating Policies – What You Need to Know 🚍

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Coach holiday seating is an important part of any holiday.

There is nothing worse than spending a week or more in a seat on the coach with a column running through it so there is very little view (yes coaches do have these!).

If you are worried about travel sickness you may want to read my article about the best seat on a coach to help with travel sickness.

Coach Holiday Seating Policies Can Make a Big Difference To Your Holiday

Various companies have different approaches to seating, with many using seat rotation as a way to give as many people a turn in the front seats as possible.

Asking about the coach holiday seating policy might be worthwhile if you are new to this type of travel or you are booking for the first time or with a different coach holiday company.

If a coach holiday company does use seat rotation the group size and when you booked will play a part in whether you get the front seats or not.

If coach holiday companies do operate seat rotation you may be able to request a fixed seat if you suffer from travel sickness. This will not be the front seat and you will probably not get a turn in the front seat if you have a fixed seat.

Seat rotation will generally be 2 rows if both of the front seats are being used by guests. However, some coaches use one of the front seats for the Tour Manager. A front seat may be used by a local guide as well.

Here are some of the coach holiday company seating policies;

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Coach Holiday Seating

Titan Travel

Titan use a system of seat rotation for their tours and this is directed by the Tour Manager.


Coach Holiday Seating

Riviera Travel

They operate a coach rotation system on most tours.

Coach Holiday Seating

Newmarket Holidays

They mention being able to request the front seats.

Coach Holiday Seating

Leger Coach Holidays

Leger holidays allow you to pre-book the front seats.

Executive and Silver Service Coaches

It is only available for bookings of two or four people.

  • The cost is £15 per person for tours up to 6 days duration
  • £25 per person for tours 7 & 8 days in duration
  • £30 per person for tours 9 & 11 days duration
  • £35 per person for tours over 12 days.

This applies to European tours.

Luxuria Service

It is only available for bookings of one or two people.

The costs are as above.

Table seats can be booked free of charge.

This applies to European tours.

Second row seats can be booked on all services as follows;

  • £8 per person up to 6 days duration
  • £15 per person 7 & 8 days duration
  • £18 per person 9 & 11 days duration
  • £22 per person 12 days or more

You can also request seats when you make your booking i.e. if you wish to book seats in another part of the coach and the seat numbers will be confirmed with your final travel documents which you generally receive 7-10 days before travel.

Given that Leger allow you to pre-book and request seats in advance they don’t operate seat rotation whilst on tour.


Coach Holiday Seating


Travelsphere rotate seats on tour. This means that everyone moves seats. The number of seats that you move will depend on the amount of guests on the tour. This ensures that as many people as possible get to enjoy the front seats of the coach.

Coach Holiday Seating

Grand UK Holidays

Grand UK Holidays allow you to choose your seat at the time of booking from the list of seat numbers on their coach seating plan. As such they do not operate a rotational seating policy.

There is no cost to reserve the seats.


Coach Holiday Seating – Conclusion

  • It is well worth checking what the seating policy is for the coach holiday company you want to travel with before you book, if it’s likely to impact your holiday experience.
  • Don’t make assumptions – double check!
  • If you suffer from travel sickness you may be able to request a fixed seat if your holiday company operates seat rotation.

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