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What Seat on a Coach is Best to Avoid Travel Sickness?

Are you planning on wanting to take a coach trip or holiday?

Do you suffer from travel sickness?

So do I and I have been taking coach trips for over 30 years as a coach holiday Tour Manager.

Here are my tips on the best seats to help you avoid travel sickness.

These tips are based on a regular coach with 49 seats.

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Author Bio – Melanie Newdick, Coach Holiday Expert

I am a coach holiday expert because;

  • I have worked as a Tour Manager taking coach holidays for +30 years
  • I have taken coach holidays to over 30 different countries, many multiple times
  • I have taken over 8,000 guests on holiday all over the world
  • I have trained other Tour Managers on behalf of holiday companies
  • Taken private group tours, special event tours, alumni trips, first departure tours
  • I was leading coach holidays to Europe before there were cheap flights!
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What Seat on a Coach is Best for Travel Sickness?

What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

The front seat, the seat behind the middle door, and the middle seat of the back row are the best. Being in any seat ahead of the front axle should help reduce travel sickness.

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What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

Front Seats

The best seats to avoid travel sickness on a coach are the front seats. However, there are some things to consider about these seats when taking a coach holiday as follows;

  • Some coach holiday companies operate seat rotation so that everyone gets a chance to be in the front seats.
  • Some companies offer guests the chance to pay extra and book the front seats for the whole holiday.
  • The front seats often have less legroom than the other seats.
  • The front seats may not have tables or other accessories like the other seats do.
  • Having the large windscreen at the front of the coach means that it can be quite hot in the front seats which isn’t helpful if you suffer from travel sickness.

If your coach holiday company does operate seat rotation they will generally offer a fixed seat through the duration of the holiday ahead of the front axles if you tell them you suffer from travel sickness. This may mean that you forfeit your turn in the front seat though – so perhaps ask them about their policy before booking?

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What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

Seat Immediately Behind the Middle Door

If your coach has a middle door there is generally a seat behind that middle door that has nothing immediately in front of it. It also has a big side view as a result too. However, there are some pros and cons to consider about this seat as follows;

  • This seat can have reduced legroom.
  • There may not be tray tables or other accessories with this seat as well.
  • If there is a toilet on board and it’s in the middle of the coach then this seat is right behind the toilet. If the toilet isn’t being used it’s not a problem. If it is being used there can be a smell from the toilet which can cause travel sickness.

What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

Middle Seat of the Back Row

This seat gives a view right down the centre of the coach and through the front window. This can be helpful if you suffer from travel sickness. However, there are some pros and cons of sitting in this seat as follows;

  • Given this seat is at the rear of the coach it can sometimes be quite bumpy which can make some people’s travel sickness worse.
  • If the coach has a rear engine this can make the area at the back of the coach warmer and this can make travel sickness worse.
  • There are no tray tables or accessories with this seat.
  • This seat has the best legroom of any on the coach.
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What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

Seats Ahead of the Front Axle

Generally, any seats ahead of the front axle are likely to cause fewer problems for people suffering from travel sickness than those behind the front axle.

Most coach holiday companies will try to accommodate requests for seats to reduce travel sickness if they can.

What seat on a coach is best for travel sickness?

Travel Sickness Tips

Having suffered from travel sickness my whole life, and being a Professional Traveller for over 36 years, I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Check out all my travel sickness tips which include products that can really help.

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