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Sleep App for Travelling with Lots of Bedtime Travel Stories

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep?

Does your mind have difficulty shutting down?

Well then check out this review of my favourite sleep app for travelling which is also great for travellers!

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1. Sleep App for Travelling – Calm Sleep App

What is the best app to help you sleep?

Calm is an amazing sleep app. It’s full of wonderful Sleep Stories, with some well known voices to help you drift off. It’s full of travel tales too, helping you to dream of new places. There are also guided meditations, relaxation and breathing exercises as well.

The Calm Sleep App is like a bedtime story app for adults.

It’s a paid app and is £36 a year.

Calm is actually much more than just a sleep app. Here are some of the features that it has;

  • Soundscapes – background sounds, ideal for helping concentration
  • Sleep Stories – much more on these later!
  • Daily Sparks – short motivational sessions on a huge range of topics
  • Daily meditations – ideal for those new to meditation, with meditations on many subjects
  • Masterclasses – deeper dives into topics such as healthy living
  • Stretching and exercise guides
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2. Sleep App for Travelling?

Perhaps it should really be the best sleep app for travellers?

The reason I love the Calm Sleep App so much is because they have a large number of stories that relate to travel. It is so lovely to drift off to sleep listening to stories of places that you have visited or plan to visit.

Here are some of my favourite stories;

Crossing Ireland By Train Read by Cillian Murphy

Yes, that’s right – Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders fame reads this lovely story about taking a train across his homeland of Ireland. Like most of the Calm Sleep Stories, I can’t tell you what happens as I can only remember the beginning. Cillian Murphy is from Ireland and it is lovely to hear his accent in this reading.

The City of Seven Hills Read by Paula Fernandes

This story covers Lisbon. It’s lovely to hear this story read by Paula, who is local to Lisbon, and to remember past travels and drift off dreaming of them. Having visited Lisbon a couple of times I love reminiscing when I listen to this particular sleep story.

Australia’s Coral Coast Read by Steen Bojsen-Moller

I really love Steen Bojsen-Moller’s accent and this particular sleep story tells of Ningaloo Reef, just off the Western coast of Australia. Having been lucky enough to visit this area previously, and planning to visit the reef it’s a tantalising story of what it is like to dive in the area. Steen Bojsen-Moller also read Crossing Australia by Train which starts in Darwin, another story that reminds of past and future travels.

Sleep App for Travelling – Non-Fiction Sleep Stories

There are lots of non-fiction sleep stories available for listeners. Lots of them are travel based and include stories such as;

  • The Beauty of Belize
  • Angkors Hidden Temples
  • Lofoten Islands
  • The Emerald Isle
  • Colombia’s Lost City
  • A Cruise on the Nile
  • Exploring Easter Island
  • All Aboard the Flying Scotsman
  • The Nordland Night Train
  • Morocco’s Hidden Forest
  • Wild Sweden
  • And many more!

Listening to these travel stories is a great way to inspire travel related dreams 🙂

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Sleep App for Travelling – Train Stories

There is a whole section of stories based around train journeys including;

  • The Glacier Express
  • The Far North Line
  • The Orient Express
  • The Trans-Siberian Rail Road

Again it’s lovely to hear about the views from the trains and imagine seeing them for yourself as you drift off to sleep.

Sleep App for Travelling – Famous Voices

There are some famous and familiar voices reading stories in the Calm App. Some of my favourites include Joanna Lumley, Matthew McConaughey, Rege-Jean Page, Idris Elba, Mary Berry, David Walliams, and Stephen Fry.

Sleep App for Travelling – Amazing Voices

Whilst there are lots of well-known voices narrating stories on the app there are also some fabulous other people too. Two of my favourites are Alan Sklar and Erik Braa. They both have the most soothing voices and I love listening to their soothing tones as I drift off to sleep.

Whatever your preference there is going to be a voice that suits you and will soothe you to sleep.

Sleep App for Travelling – Much More Than Sleeping

There is so much on Calm other than Sleep Stories. There are loads of meditations to help with different aspects of your life.

One of the other features is the Daily Spark, a quick session around a subject that promotes a deeper understanding of the subject or just a rethinking of an issue or approach. I found their sessions on Grief really helpful.

Masterclasses delve much deeper into issues and are led by experts too.

There are also breathing exercises as well as guided exercise sessions, whether it be morning wake up or evening wind-downs.

Another great area is the mediation section. There are meditations to help you fall asleep, for taking naps, or for dealing with emotions, anxiety, etc.

Sleep App for Travelling

When travelling the familiarity of these sleep stories really helps me to drift off for the night. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to travelling which is why this is one of my absolute travel essentials!

Check out more on the Calm site.

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