6 Amazing Flight Hacks for Cheap Deals To Great Places

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Are you looking for flight hacks to find cheap flights?

Great – I’ve got a list of them right here!

Fab Flight Hacks for Finding Bargains

Who doesn’t love a travel bargain!

Travelling more and spending less is a great way to make your travel budget stretch to the absolute maximum.

Finding a cheap flight is a great way to kick off your trip and can even lead to some travel inspiration by planning your travels around where is cheapest.

Number 1 of Flight Hacks

Search Everywhere from Starting Airport

The reason this is top of my list of flight hacks is that it is one of my favourite ways to search for flights!

Skyscanner is my go to search engine for flights because I like the everywhere feature it has. Searching Everywhere is one of my favourite flight hacks to find a bargain.

Given that London Gatwick is one of the eaiser airports for me to get to from the Highlands of Scotland so I often start my flight search from there.

I set the ‘from’ to London Gatwick. I set the ‘destination’ to Everywhere.

I use a one way search as one way tickets are often cheaper.

In the date box I select ‘whole month’ and then click ‘cheapest month’

the professional traveller flight hacks lgw search #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

This then shows me a list of all the places I can fly to from London Gatwick and the cheapest prices for those destination.

Searching in this way generally brings up loads of flights for under £25 and £50.

You click into the country to get the flight information for destinations within that country.

You then click further to get the flight timings.

the professional traveller lgw to everywhere search flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

Number 2 of Flight Hacks

Skyscanner Reverse Search

Another flight hack that involves Skyscanner – this is my favourite way to find cheaper routes.

Reverse search is simply a search where you start from the destination you want to visit and find out which routes fly there. Then you use the routes you have found to plan your outward flights.

This is one of my favourite flight hacks because it often shows me cheap routes and gives me a way of making a nice two trip destination.

Below is a search I did for finding ways to get to Seville, as it is somewhere I have been wanting to visit for a while.

I put Seville in as the destination and Everywhere as the destination.

the professional traveller seville everywhere search #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

You can see in the flight results that there are cheap flights to Seville from the UK.

There are also cheap flights from lots of different places to Seville which then gives some interesting ideas about a combination trip.

For example when I looked at the flights from Italy to Seville there was a flight from Venice to Seville for £12. That is potentially a nice trip combination.

Number 3 of Flight Hacks
Skyscanner Hub Airport Searches

OK so perhaps this list should have been called mainly Skyscanner flight hacks – there are others I promise!

Around the world there are various hub airport which serve as major connecting points for a large number of flights. These often have great value flights. Flying via hub airports is another of my favourite flight hacks because it can also get you to different destinations and give you ideas for trips.

Here is a search I did flying from Amsterdam.

I set the ‘from’ to Amsterdam

I set the destination to ‘Everywhere’

I set it to a one way flight

I set the date to ‘whole month’ and then selected ‘cheapest month’

the professional traveller amsterdam flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

As you can see there are some great flights to some interesting places.

I have been planning on visiting Georgia for a while and this is a great price option.

the professional traveller georgia flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

Kiev is another hub airport and often has some great connections to some different countries. As you can see I did a similar search as above.

kiev hub airport the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

This then shows up a whole list of destinations – I have scrolled down to some of the ones that are on my list to visit such as Georgia and there is a great priced flight from Kiev to Azerbaijahn for £43.

kiev hub airport prices the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

Hub airports include;

  • London Heathrow
  • Amsterdam
  • Kiev
  • Moscow
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok
  • Los Angeles

Top Tip: You don’t need a visa to fly through Russian airports if you are only transiting through the airport. This can mean cheap flights to places that were previously part of the Soviet Union for example.

Number 4 of Flight Hacks
Kayak Explore Budget Search

I really like the Kayak Explore feature. This is one of my favourite flight hacks for finding out how far I could get on my budget.

It allow you to select your starting airport and get prices for the cheapest flights which are shown on a world map.

This is a good way to get some travel inspiration.

You can also refine your search by setting a budget and seeing how far you can travel for that budget. 

I have searched flights from London Gatwick.

The destination is set to everywhere.

The date is set to anytime.

I have set the trip length to anywhere between 1 and 4 days and the budget to £100.

kayak 100 budget explore the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

I left all the search options as above but selected March 2021 as the date to get ideas based around when I am interested in taking a trip.

As you can see there are some great options coming up again.

kayak explore march search the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

Number 5 of Flight Hacks

Hopper App

This is a great app where you can research flight options.

It is only available as an app.

There are two main reasons I like Hopper;

  1. You can set an alert for a route which will let you know about prices
  2. When you research a route and look at the prices the app tells you if the price is likely to reduce or increase which is useful

hopper app the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

Number 6 of Flight Hacks

Check Package Deals

I always check flights and hotels booked separately against package deal options. Sometimes the package can be cheaper than buying separately making this one of those double check flights hacks to make sure you are saving the most possible.

One of my favourite sites is Holiday Pirates. They have a great selection and I like the search criteria.

You can include or exclude destinations to search for an include things like temperature, review rating etc.

Unlike some sites it stores your search criteria when you are searching different destinations which helps save time.

The other thing I like about Holiday Pirates is that the flight information is clear and there are plenty of options for changing the included flights, again with clear pricing.

I looked at Seville for flights above so I did a comparison of Seville packages.

There is no option to search by cheapest month but you can leave it to any date which will find the best price. You can also select your trip length.

In this search I chose a 4 day trip length.

holiday pirates search the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

I sorted the results based on lowest to highest price.

I got a couple of options as follows.

seville march holiday pirates deal the professional traveller flight hacks #travelhacks #flighthacks #seemoreworldforless #theprofessionaltraveller

In this case these options don’t work for me as the flights are from London Stansted which I can’t get to that easily from where I live.

There are flights from London Gatwick but these add £60 onto the above costings so make it cheaper to book myself.

However, always good to double check!

That’s everything I do to hunt out great flight deals and help stretch my travel budget to the max.

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