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Priority Pass Benefits – Discover Them All Here

Thinking of a Priority Pass membership?

Wondering what the Priority Pass benefits might be for you?

Well, read on to find out!

Priority Pass Benefits – Flexibility

For me the main benefit of Priority Pass membership is flexibility. Sometimes when travelling I use an airport lounge and sometimes I don’t. With Priority Pass I don’t have to worry about pre-booking. If I have less time at the airport than I thought, perhaps because of a long security time for example, then I haven’t lost out on an airport lounge booking.

Likewise, if I get to the airport and I am finding it particularly noisy or overwhelming then I might just pop into a lounge for an hour or so to calm myself down ahead of my flight.

Priority Pass offers the flexibility to use lounges as and when you choose without having to pre-book.

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Priority Pass Benefits

Choice of Lounges

Priority Pass has a huge selection of lounges available. There is often a choice of lounges available at various airports, making it easy to avoid busy lounges and find somewhere a little quieter.

There are lounges from a variety of different operators available including Aspire Lounges, No.1 Lounges, and more.

There are also different types of lounges available such as the BeRelax Spa at London Heathrow and the Game Space at Dubai Terminal 3, if you want a different airport experience completely.

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Priority Pass Benefits

Lounge Benefits

Priority Pass offers all the benefits of using an airport lounge including;

  • Quieter space
  • More comfortable seating
  • Better WIFI
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Some lounges offer full hot meal services
  • Showers in some lounges
  • Work stations

As a frequent traveller and a nervous flyer, I find airports are just overwhelming, especially in terms of crowds and noise. This can just make me feel on edge and that’s before I’ve got anywhere near a plane.

Priority Pass enables me to access airport lounges at an affordable rate, with the flexibility to choose when I use lounges.

Priority Pass Benefits

Ordering Duty Free Via Priority Pass App

If you purchase items through duty free then you might find the Priority Pass app helpful. You can order items through the app up to 1 month in advance of your trip and as late as an hour before your flight. This sounds like an ideal way to find exactly what you want without having to trail around a shop!

Priority Pass Benefits

Fitness App Membership

If you like keeping fit then you might find a year’s membership to the WithU app useful. This is a personal training app with a wide variety of workouts to try. There is everything from weight training to yoga. Each workout comes with instructions set to a great soundtrack to keep you motivated.

Priority Pass Benefits

BeRelax Spa Treatments at Airports

If you fancy a quick pick-me-up before or in between flights then you might want to make use of the BeRelax Spas where you can get a treatment included as part of your Priority Pass membership.

In the UK there is a BeRelax Spa at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

Included treatments are Oxygen facials, mini manicures, or mini pedicures.

Priority Pass Benefits

Restaurant Promotions

As a Priority Pass member, you also get access to airport meal promotions. This means that if you decide not to use an airport lounge, you can still enjoy a better value meal deal through your membership.

Promotions are available throughout the network. This gives you the flexibility to use a lounge or simply enjoy a meal using your Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass Benefits

Pre-Booking Popular Lounges

Some airport lounges are very popular and that means they can get quite busy. When that happens Priority Pass members are unlikely to be able to access these lounges.

However, Priority Pass enables guests to pre-book these lounges. The booking fee is £6 for No.1 Lounges with a £15 fee for Clubrooms. No.1 Lounges operate throughout the UK with two of the busiest lounges being found at London Gatwick airport.

Priority Pass Benefits

Game Space Dubai Terminal 3

If you are a gamer then it’s probably worth scheduling a flight to Dubai just to use the dedicated gaming lounge, which is available to Priority Pass members.

In fact, it looks so tempting that you could easily miss your flight!

Priority Pass Benefits

Great Value Airport Transfers

In the Priority Pass membership app is a section where you can pre-book airport transfers. The rates are good value and competitively priced. If you want a trustworthy airport transfer then this is definitely worth considering.

There is also the added bonus that if anything should go wrong you can access the Priority Pass customer support team.

Priority Pass Benefits

Great Value Car Rentals

Renting a car when travelling can be a bit overwhelming, with so many options to consider. The Priority Pass app offers members the chance to book a car rental through the app. This keeps all the information in one handy place and gives a great value price.

There is also the support of the Priority Pass customer service team if anything should go wrong.

Priority Pass Benefits

Priority Pass Customer Support

Priority Pass customer support is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week in English and French. This means no matter where you are, or what the time zone is, if there is a problem with any Priority Pass service you can speak to someone.

That’s a very reassuring benefit to have available wherever you are.

Priority Pass Benefits

Priority Pass Benefits – Conclusion

  • Priority Pass offers members the flexibility to use lounges whenever they choose without a booking.
  • Members also benefit from a huge choice of lounges, often with more than 1 lounge available in an airport.
  • Good value airport transfers and car rentals are a useful benefit with bookings being made through the Priority Pass app.
  • There are also other membership benefits such a duty-free shopping ordering, restaurant deals, spa treatments, and fitness membership.
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