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Is Priority Pass Worth It? Here’s How to Work it Out ✈

I’m a Priority Pass expert because I use Priority Pass to access airport lounges. I don’t think I could fly without it!

Wondering whether Priority Pass is worth it?

Wonder no more!

Read on for this guide to help you decide if Priority Pass is worth it for you.

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Is Priority Pass Worth It?

To decide if Priority Pass is worth it for you there are a few things to consider.

How Many Flights Are You Likely to Take in a Year?

The first step in calculating if Priority Pass Membership is worth it is to think of how many flights you might be taking in a year.

If it’s less than 5 then the cheapest way for you to access an airport lounge is probably going to be through pay-as-you-go access.

That means finding the best deal online, either through the airport’s website, the lounge operator directly, or a site such as Holidayextras.

So what number did you end up with?

Total number of flights you plan to take?

How Much Time Will You Be Spending at the Airport?

Now you have an idea of how many flights you might be taking think about how many times you might want to use an airport lounge.

Are you planning to use an airport lounge every time you fly?

If you will be regularly flying from your home airport then are you planning to use the airport lounge there each time?

I don’t know about you but I have the timings for my home airport sorted so that I get through security pretty much as boarding starts.

That means I don’t often use the lounge at my home airport.

Are you the same? If so you might need to adjust the calculation above.

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Little Tip From Me: To get the best value from airport lounges you need to be using them for between 1-2 hours, ideally 3.

Total number of flights, less any home airport flights where you won’t be using the lounge

What Do You Do At the Airport?

When you are using airports what do you normally do there?

Do you use the time to eat and drink before you fly?

Do you use the time to catch up on some work?

Maybe you hit the shops and make use of those duty-free prices?

If you like to get to the airport with the least time possible before boarding your flight opens then paying for airport lounge access is unlikely to be cost effective.

Of course, you may prefer a more comfortable space and quieter environment and that’s why you like to use airport lounges.

Eating and Drinking at the Airport

Airports really know how to charge when it comes to food and drink don’t they!

Not too long ago I had enough time in Edinburgh Airport to have some breakfast so I went to Sir Walter Scott (Wetherspoons) because it’s one of the cheaper places.

I had a breakfast muffin and a coffee and it was £9.20.

Oh my goodness!

If you were to have one of their cheapest main meals and the cheapest beer or win it would cost £15.00.

All airport lounges offer drinks (including alcoholic drinks), hot drinks, and snacks.

Many lounges offer hot meals.

So if you generally eat and drink at an airport then Priority Pass Membership can be worth it simply based on the cost of eating and drinking alone.

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Little Tip From Me: I try and use airport lounges that offer hot meals so I get the best value from my Priority Pass membership.

Lounge Benefits

Whilst each airport lounge is different, they all offer several similar benefits such as;

  • Quieter spaces – ideal if, like me, you find airports noisy and overwhelming places
  • More comfortable spaces – those metal chairs in airports are pretty grim aren’t they! Airport lounges usually have more comfortable seating available including sofas, armchairs, plus tables and chairs.
  • Better WIFI – many airports have a limited free WIFI for visitors, with limits on speeds/downloads. Airport lounges have better WIFI with no time limits or restrictions.
  • Workspace – it can be really difficult to get work done in an airport. Lounges generally have at least tables and chairs, but more often than not workstations where you can plug in and get working, and in a quieter environment too.
  • Free snacks and refreshments – all airport lounges have unlimited snacks and refreshments for guests. That usually includes hot drinks as well as alcohol. Some lounges may charge extra for premium drinks such as Champagne. (Remember you still have to be fit to fly at the boarding gate so free doesn’t mean unlimited.)

Priority Pass Benefits

Priority Pass gives members access to airport lounges at reduced rates.

It does that by operating a membership scheme. Members pay a yearly fee based on their likely lounge usage.

Members choose the level that best suits their needs.

Membership LevelAnnual CostAnnual Cost With DiscountMember Visit CostGuest Visit Cost
Standard Membership£69£48£24£24
Standard Plus£229£183£24 after 10 visits£24
Prestige£419£377Unlimited visits£24
Priority Pass Membership Costs

Priority Pass Lounge Choice

One of the things I like about Priority Pass is the amount of lounges available. They have the largest network of airport lounges available to members and it’s growing all the time.

This means there is often a choice of airport lounges that members can use at airports.

370 Lounges in Europe

90 Lounges in Africa

70 Lounges in the Middle East

440 Lounges in the Asia Pacific Region

150 Lounges in Latin America

150 Lounges in North America and Canada

Priority Pass Membership Benefits

There is more to Priority Pass than just lounge membership.

They also offer discounted car rentals, discounted airport transfers, meal offers, shopping offers, gym membership, and more to their members.

Priority Pass Offers Flexibility

One of the things I like about Priority Pass is that it offers flexibility.

There is no need to book an airport lounge – you simply turn up at the door, show your card, and in you go.

I like that. Sometimes I feel like popping in an airport lounge just to get away from the noise of the airport and calm down before my flight.

Sometimes it’s been a tough day and I just fancy a bit of a treat.

That flexibility does come with a bit of risk. If airport lounges are busy they will focus on guests that booked with them directly and you may be unable to access the airport lounge.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen too often.

Priority Pass also offers members the chance to pre-book the most popular lounges – those operated by No.1. These luxury lounges regularly operate at capacity. Priority Pass members can guarantee their entry for a very modest fee of only £6.

Lounge UsageBest Value AccessFind Out More
Less than 5 times a yearLounge Pass Pay as You Go AccessLounge Pass
5 or 6 times a yearPriority Pass Standard MembershipPriority Pass
7-17 times a yearPriority Pass Standard Plus MembershipPriority Pass
17 or more times a yearPriority Pass Prestige MembershipPriority Pass
Priority Pass Membership Levels Depending on Usage

Is Priority Pass Worth It? – Conclusion

  • Priority Pass is worth it if you are going to be using airport lounges fairly often – definitely more than 5 times a year, and for sure more than 7 times a year.
  • Priority Pass is a great option if you want the maximum choice of lounges, backed up with great customer service.
  • If you plan to use No.1 lounges regularly Priority Pass offers you the opportunity to guarantee entry for a low fee.
  • Priority Pass also has a range of other benefits such as transfers, car hire, meal deals and gym membership which give extra value.

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