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Valencia City Break Review: A Wonderful City to Visit

Considering a Valencia city break?

You absolutely should as it’s a fantastic city.

Check out this guide to a Valencia city break and get ideas for your own trip. First let’s deal with a common question!

Is Valencia Worth a Visit?

Valencia is less visited than some other cities such as Barcelona. This gives it a less touristy feel. However, the city still has fantastic attractions such as the science area, the gorgeous parks, the old city and the crazy Fallas festival each Spring. It is very easy to explore on foot, the food is great, prices are reasonable and the locals are friendly. All those things make Valencia definitely worth a visit.

Read on for my review of a solo 4 night stay in Valencia. It has been one of my favourite places to visit and somewhere I can’t wait to visit again.

Here is everything you need to know.

valencia fallas figures in orange frame with valencia sign and science park in the background

1. Valencia City Break – Getting to Valencia

Valencia is easy to reach from the UK.

Flight time is around 2 hours and 10 minutes for a direct flight.

There are direct flights to Valencia from the following UK airports;

  • London Gatwick
  • London Stansted
  • London Heathrow
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham

The year planner below shows details of flight costs from London to Valencia

The table below gives an idea of the daily flight schedule from London Stansted to Valencia

Use this form to search flights to Valencia

2. Valencia City Break – What Best Time to Visit Valencia?

Best Month to visit Valencia in Terms of Weather

As you can see by the average temperature chart for Valencia below, the weather in Valencia is pleasant for most of the year, without the hotter temperatures that some other Spanish cities experience.

I visited in March and found the weather pleasant. It was warm enough to sit outside for breakfast and lunches. I didn’t need a coat as it was dry too. (Disclaimer – I live in the Highlands of Scotland so anything over 12 degrees is classed as ‘summery!’)

Here is what the weather is Valencia is doing now;

Best Month to Visit Valencia in Terms of Hotel Prices

Off peak months will obviously be cheaper, so for Valencia these are the winter months. However, there will be less facilities and activities.

Prices for Valencia are higher around the 19th of March when there is a large festival called the Fallas Festival. This festival attracts visitors from all over the place. Check the dates and details of the Fallas Festival.

I managed to book a good deal by going the week before the festival and stayed for 4 nights in a self catering apartment with a jacuzzi for £151.

3. Valencia City Break – Getting from the Airport to the City Centre

It is very easy to reach Valencia city centre from the airport via the metro station. You can join this directly from the metro station in the airport building.

There are two direct lines Metro Line 3 and Metro Line 5 that go directly to Valencia city centre. You can then easily connect to any other metro lines in Valencia to reach your final destination.

A one way ticket is around 1.50 Euros. You can buy a pass if you plan to use the Metro more during your stay. A 10 trip pass costs around 7.20 Euros per person.

The Valencia airport website has all the information you need about using the metro or trains to reach Valencia city centre.

Of course like all airports you can also transfer by taxi. This will take around 20 minutes and cost about 20-25 Euros.

4. Valencia City Break – Where to Stay?

Staying the old town or Ciutat Vella, will make exploring easy. You can see on the map below the green area between two roads to the North and East of the city. This is the old riverbed that is now a park and it makes getting around on foot very easy.

You can also see the metro stations on the map below too.

This map gives you an idea of the cheapest prices for staying in Valencia at a glance. By clicking on a price box you can see a picture of the accommodation, it’s guest rating and you can then click to check the prices for your travel dates.

Below you will find some of the best deals from the most popular hotels in Valencia. Just click on View Hotel for more information and to check prices for your travel dates.

Where I Stayed During My Valencia City Break

I stayed in a cute little apartment called the Atico El En Centro. It was quite difficult to find initially, meaning I had to ring the owner for directions but he arrived very quickly so it was not a real issue.

The apartment is a one bedroom apartment at the top of 3 flights of stairs. It has an open lounge/diner area, bathroom and bedroom. There is a spiral staircase which leads up to the small terrace with a jacuzzi.

It was very handy for reaching all the attractions and the park was nearby too. As such I did most of my exploring on foot.

The apartment had free WIFI and also Netflix. I particularly like the bedroom as it had no windows so I slept like a top.

The area around was pedestrianised and there were shops, cafes and restaurants nearby including a great Italian restaurant in the alley where the apartment was.

At £151 for 4 nights I thought it was good value too.

5. Valencia City Break – Things To Do
valencia city break old riverbed park
The old riverbed which is now a gorgeous park

6. Valencia City Break – Turia Gardens

OK so I may have mentioned it once or twice already but I really loved walking in the park. It was a great place to see locals going about their day to day activities – walking, running and playing sports. I also really liked the gardens themselves as there were different themes and features.

The official name of the park is the Turia Gardens. There are water features, flower filled bridges, formal planted areas, sporting areas and more.

One of the features in the gardens is the huge Gulliver shaped play area. It’s hard to get a sense of scale from the photo but it really was massive with children climbing and sliding all over it.

Check out the review of Turia Gardens on Tripadvisor which include lots more photos.

gulliver valencia city break the professional traveller
This huge sculpture had slides and climbing things all over it. As you can see the kids loved it
la lonja de la seda valencia city break the professional traveller
La Lonja De La Seda, Valencia City Break

7. Valencia City Break – La Longja De La Seda

This beautiful building just across from the Central Market is the old silk exchange. It is well worth exploring for an hour or so.

It is free to enter. The audioguide (available for a small fee) brings the building details to life, such as the stories of the ornate carvings around the entrance doorways. I would highly recommend this if you want to understand more about the features you are seeing.

Get more information on Le Lonja De La Seda from the Valencian tourist website including opening hours.

Check out the Tripadvisor reviews of Le Lonja De La Seda.

valencia city break the professional traveller central market
The lovely central market hall in the old town

8. Valencia City Break – The Central Market

In the heart of the old town is the Central Market. This lovely building is a busy spot, with stalls spilling out into the front of the building. It’s a popular spot for locals to shop and to meet for something to eat and drink. Inside there are stalls selling all sorts of wonderful fresh produce. There are also takeaway stalls and some small cafes as well.

Prices are good and it’s a great way to pick up some local delights, see a bit of local everyday life and meet a few locals too. I popped back several times during my stay. Below is a lovely dish of spiced rice, with nuts and dried fruits in a delicate Filo wrapper. It was absolutely delicious.

Check out the Tripadvisor reviews of the Central Market

Market Tour Option

There is a really interesting 3.5 hour tour which combines a paella making lesson, with tapas and a tour of the market.

It’s from £52.65 per person. Check out dates and availability for your trip

Learn More
plov valencia city break the professional traveller
Delicious takeaway Plov – one of many delights in the central market
beautiful breakfast valencia city break the professional traveller
I can’t tell you how amazing the orange juice was, and the tomatoes on toast – on my!

9. Valencia City Break – Beautiful Breakfast with a View

One of my top tips to get a better price for hotels is to book with an included breakfast. Not only does this make the price cheaper, it means you can eat whenever suits you. Generally you can find breakfast options that are much better and much cheaper, especially if, like me, you like to get up and get out and then stop for something to eat.

Below is a photo of a lovely breakfast which I enjoyed at a cafe overlooking a large square near the Cathedral. It was all delicious and a bargain at only 3 Euros with views of local life all around. It was so good I went back

The cafe is called Bertal located in Placa De La Reina. (There are some poor reviews for this place but I found the service friendly and welcoming)

science area valencia city break the professional traveller
The wonderfully modern buildings of the science area

10. Valencia City Break – Science Park

Having walked through Turia Gardens I found a cafe which overlooked the science park area. It was a welcome chance to get a coffee, a quick sandwich and just enjoy the view of these wonderful buildings.

The cafe is called Terrassa El Mirador

The Science and Culture park includes several buildings;

Palau De Les Arts – a contempary arts space and just a really wonderful building. Worth visiting just for a photo.

Hemisferic – another lovely museum containing an IMAX cinema

Science Museum – another lovely building

El’Umbracle – a sculpture park area with gardens, all in a large covered walkway (massive actually)

It is definitely worth visiting this area even if you don’t go in any of the buildings.

Science and Arts Park Tour Option

If you fancy a fully guided tour then check out this 2 hour tour option which will give you a great insight into this area and the beautiful buildings

Its £48.26 per person.

Learn More
vintage truck the professional traveller valencia city break
Spotted this walking back from the science area – isn’t it gorgeous!
gunpowder the fallas festival valencia city break
The daily gunpowder competition in the run up to the Fallas Festival parades

11. Valencia City Break – Fallas Festival

In Spring Valencia celebrates the Fallas Festival. Communities from around Valencia spend a year making huge papier mache floats and compete for whose is the best.

The festival culminates in a large parade where the figures are set on fire to symbolise the new Spring.

Each year one figure is saved and put into the Fallas Festival museum. The people of Valencia decide on the figure.

However, in the week running up to the festival there is a gunpowder competition. Each day teams cover a large square – Placa De L’Ajuntment in gunpowder. Each team has the same amount of gunpowder and it is the team that makes the loudest noise that wins.

Having strolled through the square during the morning I saw locals getting their seats ready so they could be in prime position. Having read warnings that the noise was so loud it could cause permament hearing damage I retreated to my apartment and listened from there. The video below gives you an idea of the noise – the apartment was 0.5 miles away from the main square with many buildings inbetween. It was loud!

fallas festival figure the professional traveller valencia city break
Fallas Museum Figure

12. Valencia City Break – Fallas Museum

The Fallas Museum is tucked a little bit out of the way.

I found the museum really interesting and fantastic insight into the culture of Valencia.

Behind each figure is a story, sometimes cultural, sometimes political. There are figures representing the rise in immigration, corruption in the police service, the clash between culture and history with modern distractions. The list goes on. I spent around 2-3 hours in this museum and found it totally absorbing.

You can see all the figures saved from the fire from each Fallas festival. One of the really interesting bits is to see the photos of the huge structures that the figures were originally part of. They are massive!

The figure above shows shortcuts being made to Valencian traditional cooking.

At only 2 Euros it’s also extremely good value!

Check out the Tripadvisor reviews of the Fallas Museum.

13. Valencia City Break – Radio City

Radio City is a club in the old district of Valencia. The line up is eclectic, with a wide range of music genres. During my Valencia city break I visited this venue twice.

The first time was for a language class where locals could improve their English and I tried to improve my Spanish. It was a good way to meet some locals – again quite an eclectic bunch. It was great to chat to them about daily life in Valencia and issues in their city as well.

The second time I went was for the evening flamenco show. Whilst this was clearly for tourists I found the dancers and the dancing really moving. The emotions came through very strongly.

Check out the Tripadvisor reviews of Radio City

Looking for more tour options in Valencia?

There are walking tours, hop on and off buses, tours in a sidecar and a Tuk Tuk. For adventures further afield there are tours to thermal parks, nature parks and much more. Click the button to see everything available.

learn more walking tour the professional traveller riga city break

14. Want to Stay in Valencia?

Quickly find the best prices for your stay – search by top deals or use the map search to quickly find the cheapest prices across the city

Outdoors 2 1200x628 layout354 1hc80tb

14. Valencia FAQs

Is Valencia Spain A Safe City?

I stayed for 4 nights on my own as a solo female traveller. I walked extensively, I travelled on the public transport and I was out at night. I felt very safe at all times during my stay in Valencia.

Valencia has less issues than bigger cities like Barcelona.

As always taking simple precautions when travelling are wise and will help reduce the likelihood of any issues.

What is Valencia Best Known For?

Oranges. These are grown in and around Valencia. You absolutely should try them and one of the best ways is trying the freshly pressed orange juice. This is available at cafes and restaurants throughout Valencia – you can taste the sunshine in the oranges.

Do You Need a Car In Valencia?

If you are taking a city break or long weekend and plan to visit mainly the city centre then you will not need a car. If you plan to stay in the old town then a car would actually be quite difficult to manage in terms of driving around the old town and parking.

Is Valencia a Nice City?

Absolutely. It has a great mix of old and new, historic centre and green spaces. The people are friendly and the food is great. Whilst there I met some Americans who had retired to Spain and having lived in Barcelona they moved to Valencia because they found it much nicer and friendlier.

Is Valencia a Beach Holiday?

It can be. Valencia has a wide sandy beach within easy reach of the city centre. It has great reviews for being very clean. As you would expect there is holiday accommodation and lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. Valencia also has a harbour and marina too.

Is Valencia Good for Long Weekend?

It absolutely is. You could either focus on the city centre or the beach area of the city and have a fantastic stay. Getting around is easy making it a great option if you like exploring on foot and public transport. Why not have a long weekend in the city and another by the beach!

Is Valencia Good for a City Break?

Absolutely. It’s got a great combination of green spaces, interesting museums and of course a nearby beach area making it a brilliant city to visit and enjoy.

Is Valencia A Walkable City?

It really is. The old city is compact and easy to explore on foot. Turia Gardens wraps itself around half the city making it easy to walk through the park and get from the old city to the science park for example.

The city is flat and level and of course the gardens being an old river bed are also flat and level, this makes walking very comfortable and enjoyable.

How Many Days in Valencia is Enough?

5 days was a good amount to enjoy Valencia (4 nights). This was long enough to enjoy exploring the city centre areas and the main attractions and museums for me.

If you would like to visit the beach then perhaps a night or two longer might be wise.

There really is a lot to see!

Is Valencia Good for a Long Weekend?

Yes it really is. It’s got plenty to keep you occupied plus lots of nice walking to enjoy and great food too. That sounds like a perfect long weekend break!

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