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Priority Pass Guest Policy UK – What You Need to Know

Are you planning on taking guests into airport lounges using your Priority Pass membership?

Read on for all you need to know about the Priority Pass guest policy.

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Priority Pass Guest Policy – Guest Visit Cost

How Many Guests Can You Bring on Priority Pass UK?

You can pre-book up to 4 guests if using Priority Pass lounges that offer pre-booking (such as No.1 Lounges). Otherwise, you need to check the guest policy for each lounge you plan to visit. Infants under 2 years don’t count in terms of number of guests.

Priority Pass allows its members to take guests into lounges using their Priority Pass Membership scheme.

The fee is always £24 for each guest, no matter what type of membership you have.

As a reminder there are 3 levels of Priority Pass membership;

Standard which is £69 per year, with all visits for the member charged at an extra £24 per visit and all visits for guests charged at an extra £24 per visit.

Standard Plus Membership is £229 per year. This includes 10 visits for the member with additional visits charged at an extra £24 per visit. All guest visits are charged at an extra £24 per visit.

Premium Membership is £419 per year. This includes unlimited lounge visits for the member. All guest visits are charged at an extra £24 per visit.

The charge is applied to the account or card that you have on file with Priority Pass. This is done automatically when you enter the lounge.

Priority Pass Guest Policy

Number of Guests

There is no specific number for the amount of guests you can take with you into a Priority Pass lounge.

However, there may be limits to the lounge that you plan to visit.

It can be quite tricky to find this information.

The best bet initially is to check the Priority Pass website.

Simply select the airport you are planning to visit from the Priority Pass homepage.

priority pass guest policy homepage

In the search box in the top left corner enter the lounge or the airport you want to check. In this example, I searched for London Gatwick airport.

priority pass guest gatwick airport

Then select the airport or lounge you are interested in to get to the next step.

priority pass guest policy airport selection

If you are searching via the airport then you will reach a page with the lounges available at that airport through Priority Pass.

priority pass airport lounges available at airport

From there you simply select the lounge you are interested in visiting. This is where you can check further information about the lounge including the lounge visiting policies.

priority pass guest policy lounge page

If you can’t find any details then you might want to head to the Priority Pass help page, which is available from the page menu.

priority pass guest policy help page

Then select your preferred method of contact.

priority pass guest policy contact options

You can also ring and speak to Priority Pass customer services 24 hours a day on 020 8680 1338.

Priority Pass Guest Policy

Pre-Booking Guests

Priority Pass offers members the chance to pre-book lounges which are very popular. These include the No.1 Lounges at Gatwick for example.

You can book 4 guests in at a time if pre-booking is available for the lounge you want to visit.

Infants under 2 years of age don’t count when it comes to the number of guests – so there is no need to pay or prebook for them.

Priority Pass Guest Policy

Membership Through Credit Cards

If you are a member of Priority Pass because it’s a benefit you get with a credit card then you will need to check your cardholder benefits for more details. Guest allowances vary from credit card to credit card.

Some credit cards give free membership to the cardholder only, with guests still being charged at £24 per visit.

The devil, as always, is in the detail.

Priority Pass – Guest Policy Summary

  • Taking 1 -2 guests is unlikely to be a problem whatever lounge you plan to visit.
  • Taking 3-4 guests might require pre-booking or notification depending on the lounge guest policy.
  • Most lounges won’t accept bookings for more than 8 people at a time.
  • Contact Priority Pass customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, for more information.

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