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Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Avoid Paying Any Luggage Fees!

Are you looking for underseat case for an Easyjet flight?

Well I’ve found an absolute cracker for you!

Check out this review for all the details include a video guide to show you how much you can pack in to this tardis like case.

It’s very light, got plenty of pockets and can even convert to a backpack!

Skip down to my video review which shows how much you can pack into the case as well as the main features.

(Just in case you didn’t know Easyjet have changed all their baggage rules. The only luggage you can travel with, without paying an extra charge, is an underseat case. Check out my Easyjet Baggage guide for all the details, including a row by row plane seat guide to what you can take and how much things cost.)

underseat case for easyjet flight the professional traveller

1. Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Specification

This suitcase fits easily under the seat infront of you as per the Easyjet Baggage allowance.

The dimensions are;

  • Size: 45x35x20cm (All Parts)
  • 43x35x20cm (Body)
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Capacity: 30L

2. Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Features

Here are the main features of this underseat case.

  • 2 Wheels with a cover
  • Retractable Telescopic/adjustable Trolley Handle
  • Backpack feature with adjustable straps, which can be stored within it’s own compartment when not in use.
  • Front pocket for easy access to travel documents/mobile phone
  • 2 year warranty included
  • Made by Aerolite

3. Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Summary

Here’s a summary this underseat case.

  • This fab little case is ideal for a trip of 3-5 nights.
  • Great value means it pays for itself within 1 or 2 trips depending on luggage/seating costs
  • Hands free option is great to have
  • Full length telescopic handle makes it easy to move around
  • You really can get alot into this case
  • The material is sturdy so it is durable too
  • The only downside is that this case does not stand stand up on it’s own. If you let go of the handle it may fall over.
  • Great value!

If you want some help with packing then check out my 9 Tried and Tested Easy Packing Hacks article to help you make the most of the space inside it.

4. Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Cost

This super little case is only £32.99 – £38.99 including free delivery in the UK.

The price depends on the colour option selected.

5. Best Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Small Confession!

OK so this case is actually marketed as a child’s case and you can slide a teddy into the mesh at the front of the case. However, don’t let that put you off from buying this as an adult.

You may like to take your teddy but you can also slide a lightweight jacket into the front part of the case too and the telescopic handle is adult rather than child sized making it very easy and convenient to travel with.

There is a blue and pink option available.

Even if someone does realise it is a suitcase for children just feel smug knowing that you have saved the cost of having to buy luggage and smile back at them!


6. Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Video Review

Check out my video review of this great little case below, where I show you just how much you can get into this case.

There is easily enough space for everything needed for a 3-5 day trip depending on the weather conditions.

Underseat Case for Easyjet Flight – Buy Now!

Get your underseat case right now and enjoy saving money on Easyjet baggage fees

7. More Underseat Luggage OptionsUnderseat Executive Option

executive underseat case the professional traveller easjet baggage

If you are looking for an underseat luggage option that is able to safely store your laptop as well as everything you need for a short trip then this executive underseat case is definitely the option for you.

The clothes storage section has straps to ensure you clothes remain in place as you packed them.

A laptop compartment ensures that your laptop is safely stowed and cushioned while you are travelleing.

A front pocket with plenty of compartments ensures you can easily access all your important documents and accessories.

This is a great sturdy option with wheels and an extendable handle, making travelling a breeze.

At £39.99 it’s also great value for regular travellers.

Looking for other luggage options? Check out this great range and easily find your perfect case with the easy search by airline option.


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If you have found this Best Underseat Case for Easyjet flight article useful then you might find my Easyjet Baggage allowance article useful – it details all the allowances, row by row and the extra costs payable.


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