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Free Priority Pass – How Do You Get It?

Ok so let’s be honest from the get-go – there really isn’t a way to get completely free priority pass lounge access (unless someone buys it for you).

That said you can get a free priority pass lounge access as a benefit with some travel reward credit cards and there are some other ways to pay the minimum possible.

Read on to learn how to save.

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Author BioMelanie Newdick, Airport Lounge Expert

I’m an airport lounge expert because;

  • I’ve used airport lounges all over the world
  • I am a Priority Pass airport lounge member
  • Airport lounges help me manage my anxiety about flying better
  • Check out my top money saving resources
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How to Get Priority Pass for Free

Free Priority Pass Membership with A Credit Card

How To Get Priority Pass for Free?

Priority Pass membership is sometimes provided for free with some travel credit cards. There may be a limited number of free visits included. Generally, cardholders will still need to pay to access the priority pass lounges.

There are 4 main credit cards that offer Priority Pass lounge membership benefits available in the UK.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card

  • This card offers 2 free lounge visits to the cardholder per year.
  • It offers free standard Priority Pass membership with extra lounge visits payable at £20 per year.
  • There are no fees for the first year of the card but in the second year, the fees are £160 a year.
  • There are some eligibility criteria to meet for this credit card which might mean that not everyone can apply.
  • This is a travel rewards credit card that offers Avios points as bonuses for spending. There are some joining Avios bonus rewards available if you hit the minimum spending requirements.

American Express Platinum Card

  • This card offers free lounge access through Priority Pass for up to 2 people (the 2nd has to be an additional cardholder).
  • The annual fee is £575 so while it is not free in terms of Priority Pass lounge access if both cardholders were using lounges at the level they needed Priority Pass Unlimited membership (£419 per person) it is like getting one membership for 75% less using the Platinum Card.
  • There are eligibility criteria for this credit card too.

Barclaycard Premium Plus Business

  • This card has a fee is £150 per year. It offers 2 free lounge visits per year.
  • Priority Pass standard membership is included with extra visits payable at £20 each.
  • As with all credit cards, there are eligibility criteria.
  • It offers interest-free for the first 6 months and then 18.6% interest.

Allied Irish Bank

  • This is a charge card rather than a credit card so there are penalties if the balance is not repaid in full each month.
  • The annual fee is £75 per year.
  • Whilst this card does give access to Priority Pass lounges for free, it’s not the full network, with only 600 lounges being available (that’s about half). That might be OK depending on where you are travelling.
  • Also, this card is only available to existing Allied Irish Bank customers.

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Priority Pass for Free

Priority Pass Discounted Membership

Priority Pass often run promotional discounts during the year.

Check out their website for any offers.

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How to Get Priority Pass Free

Free Priority Pass With Voucher Codes

It’s always worth checking voucher code sites for special deals.

At the time of writing there are the following offers available;

Bravo Voucher – 35% discount on StandardPlus membership and 50% discount on Standard membership. This makes standard membership £34 instead of £69 and Standard Plus membership £148 instead of £229.

If you were going to be using airport lounges 10 times a year this means each lounge visit would be £14.80 per visit with StandardPlus membership which is amazing value and cheaper than a meal in the airport!

Codes – Currently has the same 35% and 50% discount offers available.

MyVoucherCodes – also has the same offer available

How to Get Free Priority Pass

Free Priority Pass

Perhaps you could ask for Priority Pass membership as a Christmas gift? To get 10 free visits it would need to be the StandardPlus membership. A standard membership would still mean that you needed to pay for each visit.

Do you know any friends who like airport lounges but are a bit lonely and would like some company? Perhaps they could invite you as their guest?

OK – I am joking but you get the point.

How to Get Priority Pass for Free

Free Priority Pass Conclusion

  • There really isn’t a way to get Priority Pass for free – sorry 🙁
  • However, if you are really interested in collecting Avios points using travel reward credit cards then Priority Pass lounge access might be an additional benefit available on some cards
  • There are some good discounts available so it is always worth checking Priority Pass and codes sites to make sure you are getting the best deal

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