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Village Hotel Aberdeen Review Plus Helpful Tips For You

Looking for somewhere to stay in Aberdeen?

The Village Hotel Aberdeen is a great option – a resort-styled hotel with a gym, pool, coffee shop, and restaurant.

It’s set on the outskirts of Aberdeen with free parking.

Check out this review now which includes a video tour or check the price right now using the map below.

Pop your travel dates in below and find the best price for the Village Hotel Aberdeen;

Check out this one night review.

(Please note that our stay was in the very early days of Covid19 restrictions being lifted, just enough to allow domestic travel. As such most of the hotel services were reduced.)

village hotel aberdeen

Village Hotel Aberdeen – Pre Arrival

Why should you stay at the Village Hotel Aberdeen?

u003cstrongu003eIt’s located on the outskirts of Aberdeen so handy for exploring. There is plenty of free parking. It’s got an onsite gym and a swimming pool. There is an onsite bar, restaurant and coffee shop.u003c/strongu003e

After having a booking cancelled by another Aberdeen hotel on the day of arrival I was able to find a reasonable rate at the Village Hotel Aberdeen (£77 for a Friday night twin room).

Whilst the booking experience online was great, telephoning the hotel wasn’t. There is a recorded message that promotes the new Village membership scheme to give people booking hotels directly with Village special offers and discounts. I had no problem listening to that but once I selected the option to speak to the front desk the message played again. It took around 2 minutes before the phone actually rang through to the reception desk, where it was then answered promptly.

Having been reassured we set off for a scenic drive to the hotel.

The Village Hotel Aberdeen


The Village Hotel Aberdeen is located close to the Aberdeen Ring Road in the Kingswells area of Aberdeen.

Prime Four, Kingswells, Aberdeen AB15 8PJ

Phone: 01224 470025

It is located in a business park type area which made it quite quiet as far as traffic and other people were concerned.

Village Aberdeen Hotel

Arrival and Parking

On arrival at the Village Hotel Aberdeen we found plenty of parking available. As you approach the hotel, with the hotel facing, there is a mini roundabout and there is parking to the right for Village hotel guests.

The parking is paid and on entering the hotel there is a terminal on the left hand side where you enter the last 3 digits of your car registration number. It then shows a picture of your car, you confirm it is yours and you select and pay for your parking.

24 hours car parking costs £5.00.

On entering the hotel there is signage that clearly shows you are entering an area where restrictions apply.

There are perspex screens around the reception desk area and the receptionist was wearing a face mask.

The online check in wouldn’t accept my details for some reason so we were checked in by the receptionist. He also took payment. I could have paid for the car parking while checking in but had already done this.

The lifts are just beside the reception desk next to the main entrance. The lifts can only be used by one household/travelling group together i.e you can’t get in a lift if there are other people in it who you are not with. This was fine as it was quite quiet but there are only two lifts so this could mean a wait if it was busy.

We were given a disposable menu by the receptionist to have a look at to see if we wanted to dine in. The dining area is past reception towards the back of the building on the ground floor.

At the entrance of the hotel on the left is a small Starbucks.

We decided to check into our room and then come back down for a coffee.

Village Hotels Aberdeen

Room Facilities

  • We stayed in Room 118 which was a first floor room at the far end of the corridor. It was located at the opposite end of the hotel to the front door.
  • On arrival we found a sticker over the door which showed that the room had been cleaned and not been accessed since it had been cleaned. This was reassuring.
  • On entering the room we found it a little ‘bare’ compared to the normal Village Hotel experience.
  • There were two paper cups in the bathroom.
  • There was handwash, shampoo and shower gel in dispensers on the wall.
  • There was no tea and coffee facilities in the room.
  • There were none of the usual hotel information, leaflets in the room.
  • There was a hairdryer in one of the drawers.
  • There were no chairs other than a chair at the small workdesk beside the bed.
  • Our room had two double beds, each with two pillows.
  • There were sockets beside one bed, but not beside the other.
  • The TV was mounted on the wall and was a little smaller than I expected for a room of that size. Interestingly when we turned it on it came up in the 800 channels where we could choose from watching the Adult Channel or Miss Marple. I then had to explain to my nephew what the Adult Channel was!
  • The towels were on the bed in a sealed bag.

On the bed was an information sheet which gave details of all the measures that Village Hotels were putting in place to keep guests safe. These measures include;

  • Enhanced and more regular cleaning throughout the hotel.
  • Decluttered rooms, cleaned and sealed before guests arrive.
  • Daily health check for team members.
  • Team members fully trained.
  • Gyms, swimming pools and spas remain closed and out of use.
  • Housekeepers will not enter rooms during stay, fresh towels provided on request.
  • All buffets have been removed.
  • Breakfast guests will be served grab and go breakfast with a choice of hot roll and a drink.
  • Opening times may vary for pub & grill and Starbucks.
  • The online app food ordering replaces room service.
  • Tables must be booked in advance for eating in the hotel.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities have been removed from the hotel.

The Village Aberdeen

Video Tour of Room

Village Hotel Aberdeen Menu

If you are planning on staying at the Village Hotel Aberdeen now then you will be pleased to know they have their full menu available.

All the dining at Village Hotels is the same. You can find their full menu here.

Village Aberdeen


All Village Hotels have great gyms, alongwith gym classes. Check out the details of the gym in the Village Hotel Aberdeen here.

Aberdeen Hotel with Pool


Not only does the Village Hotel Aberdeen have a 20 metre long pool, it also has a spa pool, steam room and sauna. Perfect to getting fit or just having fun. Check out all the details.

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Village Hotel Aberdeen

Getting to the City Centre

There is a bus service. However, getting to the bus stop involves a little bit of a walk (around 10-15 minutes). Once at the bus stop the bus takes around 25 minutes into Aberdeen city centre.

A taxi is quicker but also likely to cost around £15.

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